CurlsforGurls Vdiet - 28 Male 3/12/16 - 4/9/16

Hi All, long story short, been lifting on and off for 10 years. The office job has slowly but surely given me the dreaded office body (short hamstrings, tight hip flexors, gut, and overall fat). I looked in the mirror one day and said to myself for a guy who prides himself on his fitness, he looks like a Pillsbury Doughboy.
With “Life” in the way I have slowly lost the habits of fitness and diet that I once used to have for a fantastic body. Getting close to my 30’s I remember when I was in college I said I would never become what I have. Time to change that and get my fucking ass in shape!

Current Measurements
Weight 212

Neck 14.85
Shoulder 51.25
Chest 44.125
Waist1 37.85
Waist2 38.25
Waist3 39.65
Hips 41
Upper Arm 15.125
Upper Leg 26.125
Calf 15.85

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