Curious FFB Wondering What to Expect


I’m starting the V-Diet on Sunday (actually, I might just start tomorrow, since the kit arrived today). But I feel like I ate too much today, so maybe I will fast or nearly fast tomorrow and then start Sunday when I feel ‘cleaner’ if that makes sense…

So, some background… From April of '09 to October of '10 I lost a total of just under 250lbs. I went from 426 on April 10th, 2009 (which was down from a scale-busting 440lbs. the previous summer, in July of '08 before I “got serious”) down to 180lbs. on Oct. 23rd. 2010. It was exhausting, and excruciating.

I would alternate different dietary habits… I cut out all junk food right away (I was a potato chip fiend) and eventually cut out all drinking of alcoholic beverages. I stopped drinking diet sodas as well. For a while I even dropped to a sub-1000cal diet, which fucked my metabolism, I’m sure…

Then I was following the diet outlined in Waterbury’s Body of FIRE and by the time I got down to 178 I was a ball of stress due to a lot of factors in my life work and personal. Sounds like an excuse, I know… but really, it’s not. I own it. I don’t excuse it for a second…

I still wasn’t pleased with how “flabby” i appeared in the mirror, even though the scale was showing me the progress and I was a lot smaller than I had been. I felt like shit all the time. I stumbled across this belly fat cure book by Jorge Cruise and decided to give that a try.

In it he talks about all these suguar-free, sugar-alochol options like ice cream and all this crap I hadn’t eaten in over a year. Combine this with the holidays and me stressing the fuck out over work and personal life challenges and well… i blew it. It was like once I got the taste for the sweet junk again, it was all I wanted. Which makes no sense since I never had a sweet tooth before. But boy, now I do!

No excuses, really. The blame is on me… but here I am back at 220lb, up 40lbs in just under two months. I binged. Hardcore. i went crazy on every sweet, fatty junk thing I could find. Nearly every day. It was a complete collapse of the habits I had formed over the previous year plus. Donuts for breakfast? Check. Sandwiches for lunch? Yum! Ice cream after dinner? Yes, please!

In a lot of ways I don’t even understand what happened, because I NEVER had a sweet tooth before. I was the salty foods guy… fried foods, potato chips, pizza, potato chips, chex party mix at the holidays, chinese food… that was what got me to 440lbs in the first place. So WHY was/am I suddenly craving fucking pumpkin cream cheese muffins and chocolate smothered dates and raisins and anything else I can get my hands on? My doctor suggested that this was a “fight or flight” response to all the stress. A craving of fast, simple carbs.

Anyway… enough background. The real issue I now face is, obviously I want to get back to where I was the RIGHT way, and while I want it as fast as possible, I also don’t want to wind up right back here in another 6 months. I obviously need a lot of work in understanding my relationship with food and how to deal with stress in other ways. Got it.

That’s where the V-Diet comes in. Everything I’ve read about it makes me think this is the way I can help myself regain control and tackle my cravings once and for all.

One thing I’m wondering, though, is are the calories low enough? The diet calls for 1,695 non-workout and 2,025 on workout days. While obviously for the last several weeks I’ve been consuming more than that, will the fact that, previously I’ve gone far lower to shed weight still be an issue with my metabolism? Or can I expect a fair amount of success at 1,695 and 2,025? I guess I still worry about my metabolism in a lot of ways, and just how much damage going super low with my deficit did, combined with me being able to pack on fat at an alarming rate due to my past (& present) as an FFB.


Wow, that’s quite a journey. And although you’re still in a battle, it sounds like you’ve won the war. Congrats on your strength and determination.

Okay, lots of things to discuss here:

  1. I want you to pick up the book, The End of Overeating. I bought the audio book, then had to get the hard copy just for reference:

It’s vital that you understand WHY the cravings occur, for salt or sweets. This book will open your eyes.

  1. It’s easy to get frustrated when you lose a ton of weight then don’t look how you expect to look when you hit 180 or whatever. This is usually caused by damaged/stretched skin. Being really fat damages the skin and, most of the time, especially when someone loses over 100 pounds, the loose-looking skin can’t be dieted off, trained off, or drugged off. It has to be cut off. The procedure is called abdominoplasty. It’s not lipo, but the removal of skin that was overstretched and stayed that way.

I’m telling you this because I’ve seen people go crazy with strict diets and cardio trying to get rid of something that can’t be removed with diet and exercise. Yes, you should eat right and train hard, but there’s a point when the fat is mostly gone and what’s left is skin. And of course, this doesn’t look good. You’re a million times healthier, but it’s visually not pretty. Anyway, do some research on that. Here’s the Wiki page:

  1. Now, the V-Diet. There is some wiggle room with the calories, but most people drop fat quickly just following what the V-Diet calculator spits out for them. As you know, dropping cals too low just results in metabolism slowdown and rebound. I’ve seen many people eating, say, 1100 calories, do the V-Diet, consume MORE calories, and start losing fat again. The source of these cals is important too: the V-Diet is high protein, low carb, some good fats. A calorie is not a calorie (in how it affects the body at least), so it’s not just a numbers game.

I’d suggest that if you do the V-Diet (which will help you smash those cravings and bad dietary habits) that you follow the calorie guidelines. If, after 1 or 2 weeks, you feel you need to lower calories, you can by 1 or 2 scoops of protein per day, that’s it. Follow the workouts, take the required supplements, and do the NEPA religiously and you’ll get the results you want and be back on the path to a healthy body that you can KEEP. No more yo-yo’ing.


Thanks so much, Chris! I’ll order that book today, I may just get the kindle version and read it on my iPad. No sense waiting for delivery.

The loose skin deal is starting to sink in as more and more of a reality. It makes me angry that I did this to myself, but I can’t let that deter me from what needs to be done. I can wallow in the victim/woe-is-me mentality or I can put my head down and regain self control. THat’s the primary reason I decided to do the V-Diet finally.

Couple other questions for you, if you don’t mind. I swear I’m not nitpicking or trying to tweak the program. I will do anything you say without complaint… i’m just looking at things from an FFB-point of view, and that led to questions. If you tell me there’s nothing to worry about, I’ll comply. But, in your FFB Handbook you talk about how former fatties shouldn’t eat in the 2 to 3 hours prior to bedtime, and that their final meal of the day should be the smallest… my concern is that, the V-Diet, even though liquid, is the opposite of this. Other than the workout and breakfast shakes, it would appear that the Bedtime shake (with the inclusion of the nut butter and 3 scoops of Metabolic Drive) would put it as arguably the biggest meal of the day… should I be concerned that I’m taking in that many calories immediately before bed? Understanding from your previous post that all calories aren’t necessarily the same, maybe this plays into that. But for someone who’s had it ingrained in his head for AGES now not to eat before bed or it will turn straight to fat to throw two tablespoons of peanut butter into a chocolate shake is a big adjustment :stuck_out_tongue:

Additionally, I’m really curious about the MAG-10 Pulsing i spent last night reading about, and how great results have been combining the V-Diet with the Pulse. I’d like to try this because right now my resolve is so strong, and I know I can handle it. The issue I face is, my V-Diet kit came yesterday and I want to start tomorrow or Monday… If I order the Pulse kit and it comes, say, end of the week… and I start the 36hr fast the second week, can I still expect the typical results (2-5lb the first fast) or will the effects be lessened because I’ve been on the V-Diet for a week? And, more generally, is it worth starting/introducing the Pulse fast part way into the V-Diet?

Lastly… and this should be a simple one… where is the best place to get Milled Flax Seed? When I went to buy my natural nut butter yesterday all the health food shops (Whole Foods and a little local market) had plenty of whole flax seeds in bulk and a couple had flax seed meal (is this the same?) but nothing that said cold milled flax seed or whatever… is this something I should get at GNC? And should I be looking for a specific brand?

I truly appreciate you taking the time to answer and advise me on this next step of my journey. When I started reading your stuff I was so elated. I was like FINALLY someone who actually gets what it seems like I’m going through. I didn’t understand what was happening, or why the MINUTE I let up with my training and “gave in” with my diet a little, I started porking up at record pace. Then I read your FBB Handbook and it started making sense. It’s unbelievable how much pressure a person gets to “live a little” … i’ve passed up going to dinner with friends because I had to work out and they take offense and turn it into my problem.

  1. With the amount of food you get in the last shake of the day being limited and defined, then it’s less of a worry having it at night. That rule is more for those who just pig out half the evening before bed. You can’t really “pig out” in the V-Diet. So, no worries. Besides, overall daily cals are very limited on the V-Diet to boot.

Now, if you decide to decrease cals a little, then drop one scoop from that final shake of the day.

  1. You can toss in a Pulse Fast anywhere really. You may not get that initial giant loss of scale weight because you’re already low-carbing and dieting, but that’s okay; it’s not really about the short-term scale weight anyway, but rather the longer-term reprogramming effect.

  2. Milled flax seed is sometimes called flax meal. I get it at WalMart usually, baking section.


Thanks again, Chris.

Lastly (I think) regarding the Pulse Fast, in mixing the second bottle it has Anaconda as optional. If I go without the Anaconda to i just mix the MAG-10 solo, or do I sub back in the Power Drive from the first bottle?


[quote]VTRushinCA wrote:
Thanks again, Chris.

Lastly (I think) regarding the Pulse Fast, in mixing the second bottle it has Anaconda as optional. If I go without the Anaconda to i just mix the Mag 10 solo, or do I sub back in the Power Drive from the first bottle? [/quote]

You know, I seldom mix it all together. If lifting on Pulse day, I just make and drink Anaconda separately. I think that’s easiest. Doesn’t all have to be in the same bottle.


Hey Chris, thanks for the recommendation on that book. I downloaded it on my iPad this afternoon and have been reading it on and off all day. (It helps that I’m feeling somewhat under the weather, so I haven’t felt like doing much else). It’s a real eye opener.


I thought I’d chime in as I have a very similar story to yours. I lost 220lbs though in about '05 and have yo-yoed a bit since then usually between 200lbs and 270lbs but for the last year I have sat about 240lbs and have kinda levelled out. I’m 5’11" and at 230-240lbs have some visible abs, I’m just a genuinely big guy, which was another hard-to-come-to-grips with issue for someone that’s always been overweight. Scales suck! :slight_smile:

I think one thing I’d suggest is not to worry about the V-Diet. It’s mega simple, and it works. If you’ve been fucking with your body for a while nutritionally, then having four weeks of the same food, and then the transition at the end, as well as the new desires for veges and healthy stuff is only a good thing. You have to remember that it’s not jsut the last year of yo yo, its the previous years of being overweight that take a toll and your body has to play catch up for a while. If you’re anything like me and the people I’ve met that have been in our situation, then your mind is actually the part that’s playing the hardest game of catch up right now.

I would say that if after the V-Diet you’re still having problems with maintaining a weight and your diet then seeing a psych is the best course of action. I firmly believe that people that get as overweight as we did don’t do that just because they have a lot of free time on their hands. Personally seeing a psych was the biggest part of me being able to maintain a weight that is healthy.

In any case, I wouldn’t sweat the V-Diet, I’ve done it before and it works and is simple (but not easy!). Do your prep, order the gear and then pick a date and just do it.

Good luck :slight_smile:


As Chris said, congratulations on coming this far. What you’ve done is remarkable, regardless of rebound or anything else. Good for you!

Second, if I can offer you one piece of advice, it’s this: trust in the science. When smart people tell you something (and back in up with hard facts and research [“I’ve seen many people eating, say, 1100 calories, do the V-Diet, consume MORE calories, and start losing fat again.”, for instance]), trust that it will work.

It took me a shockingly long time to realize and come to grips with this, but anyone out there with an enviable physique put in hard work to achieve those results. Some have it easier than others, but I assure you, no one ever looked fantastic by living off Dorito’s and cake. Everyone out there with a great body is hitting the gym and eating a healthy diet.

Do the same, and you’ll get similar results.

All the best to you my friend!


Good luck! Hope you started the Diet today, interested in seeing your progress!


Wow. Thank you everybody for the encouragement. I am so ready to start this journey. I didn’t start today because I’ve been pretty sick since Thursday, and I wanted to start on a day where I wouldn’t have any excuses to get off on the wrong foot or veer off course. I feel better than I did yesterday to the point where I’m certain I’ll be back to near normal tomorrow and hit things on all cylinders.

I picked up my milled flax seed and natural peanut butter (which I’ve been buying for a while, but I was low) and I even picked up a little travel “on the go” blender from GNC for under $15 so I can give my lunch & afternoon shakes a nice little blend rather than drink them shaken.

I’m ready to go… got the menu printed, the workout printed and basically memorized at this point. I’ll be off to the gym after work, and I haven’t looked this forward to a workout in my life. I have a pair of 25lb. dumbells here at home and I even went through the motions of the velocity Training exercises to estimate what weights I would start using tomorrow. I also ordered the MAG-10 Pulse kit and an extra container of MAG-10 so I could do the pulse fast toward the end of this week and next week.

Enough is enough. THis has to end now… to continue Chris’s analogy, I may have won the overall war, but I’m reeling right now having lost my latest battle. The way I look at the V-Diet is like it’s my chance to stop the ensuing insurgency before it gets a foothold back in my lifestyle.

I’ll probably move these musings to my own thread in the log section, but I’ve been thinking a lot about this while reading this site over the last couple days. I believe it was an article Chris wrote about motivation being either intrinsic or extrinsic and you know… i think for me it’s always been extrinsic up til now. When I was so grossly overweight the final straw was I wanted to win my ex girlfriend back… and then when I got over that it was to impress this other girl I fell for. It was to impress other people… I got off on hearing my co-workers marvel at how I was losing weight and looking good. But in my heart, it wasn’t for me. I wasn’t doing it FOR ME. I was doing it so I could be a person that impressed other people, I guess. My goals weren’t internal. When I got down so low, it was weird for me how I started getting the opposite pressures from when I was a fat behemoth. People used to encourage me to be active, do more and lose weight. When I was skinnier than them, and more active than them, I don’t know if they felt threatened or what, but it was like all of a sudden I was “over doing it” they started telling me I was being unhealthy, too driven… “live a little. do you like what you eat, all you eat are veggies and tuna/chicken/turkey, come with us for burritos and burgers and fries, live a little. have fun. WHY DIE HEALTHY” someone even said. They would ask me when I was going to be “done”? I foolishly listened to this and let it poison my resolve. The external pressuresâ??remember, because I’ve always been extrinsicly motivatedâ??wore me down and convinced me that I didn’t need to work so hard. I didn’t NEED to keep strict on my diet and my workouts. I could… as they suggested… live a little. I could BE done…

But I can’t. For me, I can’t. Because I feel like crap. Lethargic. Less motivated. Less energized. Even when I was pushing myself a little too hard for a couple of weeks there in September and October (getting up at 3:30am, treadmill jog for :05 to warm up, rowing machine for :30, swimming for :90 every morning… lunch time walk, 2 miles, afternoon walk 1.5 miles, 4-time/week Body of F.I.R.E. circuit targeting my eating for a 170lb man when I was at 200-190lbs. (3oz. protein, 3 times per day, veggies, fruit in the morning oatmeal for breakfast on workout days, berries at night after dinner only on workout nights)… i burnt out. Rather than dial it back and get sensible again, I stopped completely. No more swimming. No more workouts. I got sedentary again.

The good news is, I know how this has made me feel now so that my motivation can be INTRINSIC this time. Because I need to get back there. I want to get back there. I liked that me. I miss that me. I have goals and aspirations that all revolve now around fitness whereas before it was about TV and drinking and videogames and computers… now it’s about wanting to look and feel a certain way. I get fascinated when I read the things I read on these forums. I love learning how other people have gotten ripped. I want to be that person. Because I don’t like this soft, pudgy person anymore. He’s boring. He’s lazy. He’s complacent.

The first time I ever walked into a gym when I was a teenager, I saw a guy who probably by T-Nation standards wasn’t all that special… but for a fat kid growing up in vermont, he looked impressive. Good physique, well defined. Muscular. Solid. I thought, holy shit. That guy looked awesome. I wish I could look like that. Well, you know what, asshole… with some hard work, you probably could. So DO it. And that’s what I want… So I’m not giving up until I earn it.

Okay… bleeding hearted rant over. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the words of encouragement. I’ve never been much of a support system kind of guy, but in some ways, I think I kind of need one… and I’m glad it feels like there’s something close to that her on V-Life. So sincerely, thank you so much.