Curious About Calorie Count in V-Diet

I’ve been on a perpetual bulk and have been stagnant and fat for a while now so I was considering some kind of dieting program.

I have read through dozens of diet/cutting nutrition plans across T-Nation,, and other sources. Most of them advocate slowly decreasing calories from -200 to -1000 of your daily caloric needs (BMR).

Based on the V-Diet nutrition calculator, I am to drop -1200 calories immediately from the get go with a lot of protein and next to no carbs. I have read the scientific summary provided and I have no problem with the perceived fatigue that may result from this, but I was wondering if someone could explain the rationale for this sudden drop in calories.

Wouldn’t this allow for a short burst in fat loss and then a hard plateau? How do you prime your body for continued fat loss if you are hitting the bottom of your caloric intake right off the bat?

The V-Diet is a 28 day kickstart plan. Since it removes behavioral bad habits and fixes physical food addictions, when you’re finished you won’t go back to junk foods, binges etc. From there you can eat more normally, make all good food choices, and use training to get the rest of the results you want.

It’s not just about calories, but the types of nutrients you’re putting in. You can stay fat and unhealthy on lower calories if those calories are all junk and have wrecked your body. The V-Diet has you highly nourished yet the calories are controlled. (It actually has more calories than many plans out there.)

And it’s not a low carb diet by definition. It contains a workout drink for training days with plenty of specialized carbs, though the overall plan is reduced carbs compared to most overweight people’s diets.

Basically, it’s for those who are tired or farting around with half-assed results and want to kick things off quickly. It’s not just a diet bur “food rehab.” Which is what most people need who’ve always struggled with body fat and diet.

Thanks for the clarification Chris! I am excited to start this after my current cycle of 5/3/1.

Awesome. Keep us posted!

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