Curcumin or Flameout or Both: Which is Best?

I purchased Curcumin and Flameout to take them both together, thinking that “if one is good then both of them together would be even better for helping sore joints recuperate”. Which is best?:

  1. Curcumin only
  2. Flameout only
  3. Curcumin + Flameout combo

Help very much appreciated.

For joints or tendons, take together. If “bad” I will go to a second or third dose of curcumin.

Since <a href=""target=“new”>Flameout and <a href=""target=“new”>Curcumin work via different mechanisms of action, taking both would be a potent one-two punch for joint soreness.

Plus they both have some pretty incredible overall health benefits, so many people make them daily staples.

Thanks derf and Chris Shugart. Was really wondering if taking both could somehow cause them to cancel each other out as far as benefits go. This is helpful.

Furthermore curcumin works best when it is consume at the same time as fat. So I like to take both at the same time. I personally feel that these two supplements should be a staple in everyone’s LIFE… even those who don’t train.

Systemic inflamation is one of the main cause of so many medical conditions that you can’t afford not to take them.

I have a serious kidney issue and I started using high doses of curcumin and flameout and my latest lab tests showed normal kidney function!

I take both together also and I notice when I do not. My knees start hurting within about 5 days of stopping.

That is wonderful that these two supplements have helped you kidney problems.

Out of curiosity, much p/day are you taking Christian in order to achieve this “high dose”?

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