Curcumin & Creatine Malate

I am starting the V diet on January 1st. I have ordered all of the stuff. I also plan to use Indigo. I complete this diet successfully several years ago but have managed to put on about 15 lbs or fat that I don’t want to carry around any more.

My question is, can I still take Circumin and Creatine malate while doing the V diet? Or should those be cut out for the month of this program?

Curcumin is fine to have regardless of your diet plan.

Creatine is also fine if you want to add it to your Plazma, but it’s not necessary. Also understand that creatine often adds a few pounds of water weight, so it’s not uncommon to have the scale go up a little bit a week or so after starting creatine. It’s not added bodyfat, so don’t freak over it, just maybe notate on your calendar when you start it and keep it in mind at weekly weigh-ins afterwards.

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I have been taking creatine for several years, so I shouldn’t have to worry about the “bloat”. At least not any additional, anyway.


I often say to people that curcumin is the next fish oil. I say that because it has so many health benefits that everybody should take it. It will actually make any diet plan better because it helps with fat loss as well as decrease whole body inflammation. I highly recommend it.

Creatine is also fine. Even though it is technically a protein (actually a mix of several amino acids) it will not screw up the diet by boosting insulin release or affecting your overall caloric intake.

I find that while on a fat loss diet creatine can often helps psychologically: you don’t feel as flat while losing fat (muscle stay fuller) which helps mentally. Oftentimes people who want to be muscular freak out when they start to diet down and feel their muscles getting flatter (just a loss of intramuscular glycogen/water)… they think they are losing muscle mass and then they stop their diet. Creatine can help you avoid that pitfall.

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