Curbing the Cravings!


Day 4 of my V-Diet, I’m craving food and in a pretty crappy mood. Just had my ‘snack’ shake and it helped a little but has anybody found anything that helps curb cravings?


Green tea helps me get through those 2:00/3:00 dips.


From the tips section of the V-Diet plan:

Kick That Craving

Most V-Dieters stay very full on the Metabolic Drive shakes; others get hungry between shakes. If it’s not time for your next shake but you’re hungry, here are some tips.

First, ask yourself if you’re truly hungry, or if you just want to eat out of habit or to alleviate a craving. There is a difference.

Make sure you’ve spread your shakes out evenly over the day. You should be having a shake about every three hours, so you should never really be hungry, though you may experience a craving triggered by habit.

If you’ve timed your shakes properly and are still experiencing a weak moment, then this is a good time to:

Snack on a few fiber tablets (sugar-free Fiber Choice) and drink a large glass of water.

Have half a shake (that’s one scoop). This isn’t an extra half-shake, but half of one of the shakes you have planned for later in the day.

Try a cup of what we call Craving Killer Tea. That’s a cup of mint green tea with a spoonful of Benefiber (a powdered fiber supplement) added to it. The mint can desensitize your taste buds and make some foods seem unappealing â?? sort of like how certain foods don’t taste good after you brush your teeth. The fiber provides a mild filling effect, and the liquid itself is orally satiating.

Do something. Anything. And do it someplace besides the kitchen. You’ll be surprised to discover that the weak moment will pass as soon as you get out of the kitchen (or whatever else is tempting you) and get busy doing something else.


I know where you are at right now…it sucks. It won’t help you too much now, but it will get better. Green tea worked for me. You may want to also try drinking a big glass of water. It will help your stomach feel full at least temporarily…side effects are many trips to the bathroom, but it helps bridge the gap in between shakes.


Thanks! You’re right, Hockey, many trips to the bathroom! I do ok until I cook supper, I just want one bite! I made it through making every meal so far with no nibbles and it does feel good that I didn’t give in.