CrossFit, Oly Lifting, and the V-Diet?

Yes, this is my first post, but please don’t discredit me because I’m “new”. I am new to T-Nation and this forum, but have been lifting for 10+ years and have competed (and placed well) in multiple figure competitions - so I’m not “really” a newbie. Also, I’ve been reading the T-Nation forums for a few weeks so I’m not asking a question w/o having done my research first :slight_smile:

I REALLY want to do a 6-week V-Diet cycle for the following reasons:

~I want to shred to see the body transformations that Olympic Lifting has created over the last 6 months

~The convenience and lack of cooking/measuring/planning is VERY appealing to me

~I’ve got a good muscle base, but have put on about 15-20 lbs of “padding” over the winter - ready to lose that padding!

My current workout schedule is:

M 6am - Olympic Lifting, 7am CrossFit
T 6am - Olympic Lifting, 7am CrossFit
W 6am - Olympic Lifting, 7am Crossfit
T 6am - Olympic Lifting
F 7am - Crossfit
S 8am - Olympic Lifting (Totals), 9:30am Crossfit
S Rest Day

My Olympic Lifting is done under a great coach with tons of experience that pushes me to my limits while being a Nazi about form to ensure I don’t hurt myself. I lift with two other girls that have been lifting (Olympic) about a year longer than me, and also help to push me b/c of my severly competitive nature. My lifting coach is also the Crossfit Facility Owner, and he does not just throw “random” workouts together, but rather spaces them out to avoid overworking one body part or another.

By the way - I read Shugart’s article on Crossfit, and really appreciate the nuetral tone. I thought it was very accurate and informative.

Here’s my only concern about the V-Diet (for me):

~I see that cardio is not included in the workout regimen (other than NEPA), and lifting is limited to 3 days/week.

~I’ve done the whole “cutting for a comp” thing more times than I can count, so I’m NOT concerned about my ability to stick to the diet TO THE LETTER - that’s easy

~My concern is that I really don’t want to cut back on my Lifting (currently 5 days/week), and I would like to continue to CrossFit at least 2-3 days a week because these workouts really help to get me in the right place “mentally” at the start of my day

~If I continue this workout schedule (but cut out 2 days of Crossfit), I’d still have “lifting” days 5 days a week. This means rather than having 3 High and 4 Low days calorically as the literature reccomends, I’d have 5 high and 2 low days.

I really don’t want to hear “this diet isn’t for you” b/c the convenience of it is so damn appealing, but at the same time I’d like honesty, so if anyone out there wouldn’t mind offering their opinion, I’d appreciate it (even if the opinion happens to be “it’s not for you”).

Do you think I could do the V-Diet while continuing to lift (Olympic) 5 days/week and CrossFit 3 days/week, and still see good fat-loss results without compromising muscle?

Thanks in advance!

Hey girl, this is a darn good post and one which I’m eager to hear a solid response too. I’m currently prepping for an April show and before starting the diet was following a 4 day split routine with the other two days focusing on weak part training and plyo.

I am now following the 3 day V-Diet workout without loss of strength during lifting and have had 3 great workouts this week. However, I think if I tried to do any more of either lifting or my usual cardio I would certainly sabotage my efforts and muscle I have so carefully built up during my off season.

The most exciting part of this diet is, like you, I gained 12lbs of winter off season weight. What I’m now seeing is that much of this seems to be new muscle. 5 full days into the diet I am down 2% b/f and no loss of muscle mass. Its great to see my abs again.

I’m sure after your Olympic lifting you will be amazed when you start striping off that winter layer.

I look forward to seeing some educated responses to your post.

Good luck

Thanks Helen :slight_smile:

One thing I guess I should mention too is that the winter padding that I’ve put on is not from lack of training - it’s primarily because I’ve let my diet go to hell over the last few months. I know I’ve got an awesome base under the top layer - it’s just a matter of shredding that off!

I know I can shred it all off by using one of my cutting diets, however the thing about the V-diet that fascinates me is the fact that it is supposed to help re-train cravings.

I’m hard-core when I train for a show, and once I start my cutting diet, I don’t cheat at all. Seriously, not even once. I’m just an all or nothing kind of gal. However, after the show I find myself binging for weeks on all of the food that I’d been craving during the cut.

Currently I’m a sucker for sugar. I can go w/o fats and salts but Dairy Queen Blizzards get me every time! So the prospect of re-training my cravings has me very excited. I would love to come off of a cutting diet and just return to “normal” healthy eating rather than weeks of shoveling sugar down my pie-hole :slight_smile:

Ha, ha! After 6 days on this diet, I never want to eat another bite of dessert! This is my second vdiet. I used it during my last comp prep. I so know where you are coming from. After my first two shows I did the Dance of the Krispy Cremes and binged for 10 days!

However after following the vdiet last spring leading into my show, I had no desire to binge. I just got right back on track following a combo of Precision Nutrition and Thibs Carb Cycling Codex, adding in 20% extra cals to help make the transition between figure and bodybuilding.

If you have the discipline, you will love the results. All the best, Helen

Yours is a unique situation. If you were an average person I’d give you the “for best results, stick to the plan as written” speech. But as a competitor who knows a thing or two about getting ridiculously lean and muscular, I may have to set that aside… IF you realize that you’re blazing a new trail here. Because I don’t know if what you want to do will work because it’s never been done with the V-Diet.

Typically, extra cardio just isn’t needed and it could lead to muscle loss on such a restricted diet. And the truth is, you just may not feel like doing XYZ workout X times per week. A lot of people go into the V-Diet with grand plans of changing the workouts, only to crash and burn, then come back to the V-Diet again later with a learned-my-lesson attitude. They’re like, “Oh, now I get it!”

With an experienced competitor like you, I’ll just say this: you won’t lose muscle if you follow the plan as outlined, and your fat loss with be very fast. In fact, the 3 x per week full-body training and simple NEPA may lead to improvements: you may recover better, even gain some muscle from the sheer change in workouts, sets, reps, etc.

And remember, it’s basically a 28 day plan, with a couple of weeks extra if you count Transition. So why no just try it for 28 days? What is the worst that could happen in 4 weeks? You’ll still be lifting and still getting a lot of activity, after all. You certainly can’t make the fat loss any faster by adding cardio, CrossFit etc.

All that said, adding L-Leucine to 3 or 4 shakes per day may fit your special needs and insure against muscle loss if you choose to do your own thing when it comes to training.

I guess if you sum all that up, I’m saying: I suggest you do the diet and training as outlined, but if you don’t I’ll be interested in seeing your results and modifications.

hmmmmmmmm…this might be good! I am intersted in following the results too!


Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for the speedy and personalized response Chris.

After reading your post and considering it last night, I had decided to cut my OlyLifting and CF back to 5 days, take good notes, monitor progress, and see what happened.

Then I really got to thinking about it some more and said to myself “Can you really imagine a Lifting Session followed by a CF session on next to no carbs, and no solid food??”

Most of my resistance to the prescribed plan was simply that I have a “camaraderie” with the girls that I lift with in the mornings and my lifting coach, and I would really miss that when lifting on my own for a month. Something about the competition of lifting together just makes me push myself that tenth of an inch further.

But after more consideration, I decided to print a bunch of information up to review w/ my coach and get his feedback as well. The more I looked at the advanced program, the more I realized that I could do every single exercise at the facility where we all lift together in the morning, so even if I didn’t lift WITH my buds, I could at least still lift at the same time and in the same room w/ them :slight_smile:

I went over everything w/ my coach this morning, and while he and the other girls think I’m nuts for wanting to put myself through it, he agrees that it looks like a solid program, and that the lifting program that was designed to go with it would be much more appropriate. He also agreed to let me lift there in the mornings while they do their Olympic lifting, and he’s actually very interested in documenting and observing my progress.

So thanks again for the sound advice! I’ll be ordering my supplements next week, and starting the diet/training program on Feb 1st - and I can’t wait :slight_smile:

Excellent! I am happy to hear this and interested in the returns you gain from your experience…I did the same with my trainer who now is totally into it…his face when he measured me this weekend was awesome…I call it the Holy Sh*t face! He was so taken back by it he wants to use my results as a test for his other clients!

Thanks for checking out my post and I will surely keep tabs on yours as you progress…



Way to go! You will love the results. My hubby told me I look much more defined this morning. Coming from a man who never notices when I get my hair done I’ll take this as a huge compliment! I look forward to reading your progress.

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