Critique my Biotest budget allocation

TL/DR: Should I buy different Biotest supplements with my budget? Is anything extraneous/not optimal?

A few months ago, I made a thread in this forum, asking for advice about which Biotest supplements to prioritize, were I to get a significant supplement budget from my parents (college student).

I am now almost finished with my first semester, and, as the dust settles, the situation is as follows:

  • My monthly supplement budget is roughly $200 - $220

  • I have been purchasing: 1 bag Plazma, 2 bags Metabolic Drive, Flameout (1-2 depending on the month), Curcumin (1), Superfood (1).

  • Rationale:
    Plazma for peri-workout nutrition
    Metabolic Drive to add quality protein to my diet. One scoop upon waking and one before bed.
    Four Flameout caps per day – for every single reason that this is a good idea (there are too many).
    Four Curcumin caps per day. I tend to get tendonitis in my elbows occasionally. I added Curcumin to my regimen when it flared again and it has been helping since.
    Superfood was a late addition. I added it because of a 20% sale. I liked it a lot, and have since made it a permanent monthly purchase – I really like the idea of supporting my college diet.

So, is this a good way to allocate the $200-$220? Does someone with more knowledge than me see a better way? Perhaps something I’m not using that would provide more benefit than something I’m currently using?

Some of my thoughts:

  • Each Plazma bag needs to last me one month (training 5 times per week). That’s one scoop per session. I have noticed a remarkable difference while training, and so I do not feel as if the single scoop per session is problematic. But, perhaps it is the case that there would be a very significant improvement if I could use two scoops per session? Perhaps I should reallocate spending to allow for 2 bags of Plazma per month?
  • Mag-10? I could technically substitute my two servings of Metabolic Drive per day for one serving of Mag-10 per day. Would this be a better idea?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

@Fyzjin2 - Good questions! Biotest has a huge variety of supplements, and when budget is a consideration, it’s always good to know you’re getting the best bang for your buck. To best answer which supplements might be best, it would be helpful to know what your training priority is. Fat loss, muscle gain, how do you train in the gym, etc.

Without knowing that info, looking at your stack, my opinion is that it’s solid as is and doesn’t need adjusting with your current budget.

-Plazma - Absolutely essential for sure, this would be the #1 recommendation. Depending on your goals, how long your training sessions last and what you do in there, a second scoop may be a good idea. I use 2 scoops every session and have for years, my training sessions last for about 2 hours and I can go all the way through feeling strong and achieving solid performance. If you’re training for 60 minutes or less, 1 scoop is probably fine. Again, knowing more about your goals and training style would be helpful to know if a second scoop would be significantly beneficial.

-MD Protein - The best protein on the market in my opinion, and very affordable compared to other brands. Can’t be beat and obviously cheaper than solid food protein, very filling and tasty. Keep this in there!

-Flameout - Staple for sure.

-Curcumin - Also a great idea and very helpful for recovery, I recently upped my Curcumin dosage and feel a noticeable difference.

-Superfood - Keep it in there if you don’t get enough veggies throughout the day and don’t eat fruit often. Since you’re in college I’m assuming you don’t, just because they’re hard to come by unless you always do your own shopping and cooking. So, a daily serving of Superfood is a good call.

-Mag 10 - Is outstanding and can be used in a variety of ways. Based on your budget, my thoughts would be to leave it out for now and continue with MD Protein. MD is more filling, so if you’re thinking of switching out your double daily servings of MD protein for one serving of Mag 10, I would recommend keeping in the MD protein. MD protein is a quick and easy meal replacement if needed also, throw in some oats and milk and peanut butter and you’re good to go.

If you’re able to one day invest more in supplementation, I’d then recommend, in this order:

Micro-PA - I started noticing differences in my physique within 3-4 weeks of taking Micro PA on training days, and more encouragingly, so did other folks at the gym. Thicker, fuller muscles, strength got a big boost as well as a result. This would be a fantastic addition.

Indigo 3G - Depending on your carb tolerance and goals, this would also be a very good addition. It helps to repartition nutrients into muscle, assuring your Plazma and anything you intake within 6 hours is directed into the muscle.

Finibars - I always have one about 45-60 minutes prior to my session. 40g of high quality carbs and 15g protein, it’s a quick and easy pre-workout meal, extremely tasty and cost effective. Chocolate is my favorite. If your pre-workout meal isn’t already in line, or it’s hard to come by good whole foods as a college student, it may be a good idea to invest in some of these to make sure you get high quality carbs and protein in ya before your session.

Be sure to post with any more questions and keep us updated with your progress!

Thanks for the very thorough response, @robstein

You’re right, I should have provided more details about my goals. I was just hesitant to increase the size of my first post – a veritable wall of text. Also, I think I’m slightly guilty of not having very specific goals – I’m another guy who wants to be ‘Bigger Stronger Leaner’, just like the forum name.

Although, in all fairness, I don’t think that any of the supplements that I listed would be used differently when bulking/cutting etc.

My training sessions generally range from 1hr to 1.5hrs, and I follow a relatively typical bodybuilding split:
shoulders/legs/back/rest/chest/deadlifts + arms/rest

Sessions always start with heavy compound movements (squats, pullups and rows, bench press, etc.) with a varied rep range – ramping up to a heavy triple (sometimes a single if I’m feeling ambitious) and then slightly lowering the weight for some volume in the 6-10 rep range. I focus on progressive overload in the main compound movements, then train for the feel (burn) in the following assistance/isolation movements.

Currently, I’m doing a mini-cut, just for some ‘wow-factor’ when I get home after ~4 months away and because my training partner and I thought it would be fun… We thought it would be fun before we found ourselves eating ‘college dining hall quality’ chicken breasts, brown rice, plain vegetables, cottage cheese and olive oil for every meal… Ah well.

Thanks again for the response. I’ll bear your recommendations in mind for future purchases, should the budget increase.

Happy to help man! Sounds like you have your training figured out, I agree that your stack is good for your current plan.

Not sure what you’re able to keep at your place, but if you can get some good organic rolled oats, they’re cheap ($1.50 a pound around me) and make for a good pre-workout meal thrown in with some MD protein. Get a serving of those in with your pre-workout meal, Plazma during and a good post workout meal, you’ll really be making the most of everything.

Good luck, keep up the good work!

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