Crimzn's V-Diet - March 2nd

Alright, running a little behind, but this is my V-Diet thread. I started today, March 2nd 2009. Here are my details:

Height: 5’9
Weight: 170
Bodyfat: Around 20%

Belly: 36
Thigh: 22 1/4
Calf: 14 3/8
Chest: 39
Upper abs: 33 3/4
Shoulders: 45 1/2
Upper arm: 13 5/8
Neck: 15

The first day went pretty well. I never got hungry, and the shakes got easier to handle once I started to add more water. I tried making them thicker at first, but they were just too sickly sweet. The only annoying things I ran into were the fact that I had to hit the bathroom, a lot, and that the Surge Recovery original flavor tastes like cake icing and tires, almost didn’t get it down.

I enjoyed the exercises and I maxed out my NEPA with two sessions of 30 minute treadmill walking first thing in the morning on empty stomach, and then post-workout.

I never would have thought it could become so hard on just the 2nd day, but it has! I felt great yesterday, but today I actually noticeably feel a bit weaker and just “meh”. I’ve also actually had hunger pangs throughout the day today, along with more lovely frequent trips to the bathroom.

Hopefully these things will get better as I go, and I’ll get used to drinking these shakes every day. I come home and theres always something wonderful cooking; its truly torture. I need to go move in a box behind Wal-mart while I’m doing this or something.

Keep it up brother!

Im doing this for the second time, it will get easier, stay motivated…

Your body will adapt, and your energy will rise… youre almost through day 2…

Hey Crimzn - If it makes you feel any better, my day 2-4 SUCKED ASS! lol

I remember thinking at the end of day 1 “hmmm. … this isn’t as bad as I thought it would be”… . then I woke up on day 2 and was like . . .Oh My God - WHAT have I gotten myself into!!!

My energy levels were really low, I was dizzy EVERY time I stood up, the thought of a shake made me nauseaus, and I was alternating between hot and cold flashes.

I cut my HOT-ROX back to 1 pill twice a day to help w/ the dizziness/upset stomach/hot flashes, and that helped some but not completely, and the lack of energy was still there.

I’m telling you this sob story to give you HOPE though :slight_smile: Stick it out NO MATTER WHAT, and I guarantee you that you will feel SO MUCH BETTER by day 5 or 6 :slight_smile: I felt like a completely different person, and SO relieved and proud of myself for not throwing in the towel when the going got tough.

Keep up the good work, and keep visualizing what your sucess is going to look and feel like - it will pull you through the tough spots :wink:

After choking down my midday shake, this just turned into a challenge to simply survive lol.

Its nice to have you guys posting with your experience and hope though. It actually really helps me.

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist. . . every seen “The Waterboy” w/ Adam Sandler?

You’ve got to “hear” this in Rob Sneider’s Voice. . . too friggin funny.

Well, I didn’t take pictures the night before the V-Diet, but these were just from several weeks ago, so they can be my BEFORE pictures.

I was 175 in these pics, only 5 pounds more than now, most of which I probably lost as water anyways because I started low carbing it with regular food leading up to the V-Diet. EXCEPT for the night of May 1st - went to TGIFridays and treated myself to the five cheese macaroni and chicken!

Anyways, without further ado:

By the way, when I take my weekly V-Diet pics, should I flex and tighten up or stay loose like in these photos? Because I look a hell of a lot better when I do lol.

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