Creatine Water Retention on the Diet?

Ending my week 2 tomorrow (today). I have happily disregarded advice of not weighing everyday and have noticed that none of the 2nd weeks morning weights has been below my 1st week’s official “end-weight”.

I have followed the diet stricly, done my NEPA etc. So I’m little worried what seems to be the problem.

Then I remembered that I started using creatine a week ago on that same day I weighed in my first week’s result. Does anyone have experiences how much water weight creatine use can cause? Especially with this diet?

I have a similar concern. I just finished week 3. Week 1 down 5 lbs, week 2 down 3 lbs, week 3 down .5 lbs. WTF? I did add creatine in my Surge this week, but I only trained and had creatine twice (I have a highland games tomorrow, so I’m postponing the third session to stay somewhat fresh for competition). So, can 2 servings of creatine cause much water retention? I wouldn’t think so. Do you make any adjustments if the results taper off?

This is why I don’t recommend starting creatine on the V-Diet – throws things off to much. It’s also why I recommend measuring as well as weighing. Scale-only can drive you nuts. Are you guys measuring?

Creatine guidelines:

  1. Don’t start creatine during the V-Diet. It’s not that it’s “bad,” it’s that it causes water retention and makes monitoring results difficult, especially if loading.

  2. If already on it, you can continue to use it at 3-5g after weight training only. Again, no need to load.

Thrower: No, don’t adjust numbers, assuming your calculations were on target to begin with. If you drop too low, you may lose muscle or negatively affect metabolism.

What usually happens after a slow week is a bigger jump the next week. Still, scale weight can be tricky.

BTW, massugu, please do not say you’re following the V-Diet strictly. You’re not following it AT ALL according to your previous posts.

This is why I have an issue with people calling their sub-par liquid diet a V-Diet: You’re not getting great results. People will think, “I guess the diet doesn’t work.” In reality, you’re not doing my diet at all.

I realize you’re not from this country and chose not to pay shipping costs to get the right supplements. That’s fine, but please don’t let on like you’re doing the V-Diet. You’re not.

Ok, let’s say I try to follow it closely as I can without Biotest supplements and of course I acknowledged that I made a mistake of using only whey at the beginning. I give you that. But now I’m mixing casein and whey and pretty much doing everything else as laid out in Gustavo’s thread. No extra cardio, NEPA every day, no cheating with foods, one HSM per week etc, liquid meals.

If you call it Sub-par without Biotest supplements then fine, it is sub-par. You are the author of the diet.

Edit: And thanks for the info about the creatine.

I don’t understand why Dr. Beradi (sp?) recommends 20mg of creatine or his “GSD” to save muscle and why Chris only recommends 3-5mg on workout days only. Arn’t we running the risk of muscle wastage w/o the creatine?

I do understand that these are 2 very different diets written by 2 different authors but doesn’t the same creatine princable apply?

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