Creatine Use

New to using creative and I’ve heard all types of stories as to when I should drink it. Does it matter if I drink before, during or after my workout? Thanks

5 g a day, after training. Just take it with your postworkout.

Opinions are mixed on when the best time to use <a href=""target=“new”>Creatine Monohydrate or <a href=""target=“new”>Creatine Malate. Most people add it to one of their workout nutrition drinks, pre or post-training. It does seem to make a big difference, as it works both ways. Before or after is fine with malate, and generally after is best with monohydrate. And many people take it before and after given the low cost, especially if they’re loading monohydrate.

I’ve read that the loading phase is a myth. Can someone share with me a thread about using creative? I bought the Biotest from T Nation.

It is a non brainer and Chris already gave a perfect answer.
If you bought monohydrate, take it either before and after, or just after.
If you bought malate, Either before or after is fine.

Ok thanks guys!

One thing to remember with “loading” is that even with plain monohydrate, it happens anyway, just may take a few days longer. Creatine, even the high quality stuff Biotest sells, is inexpensive, so even if loading is worthless it only costs you a buck or two to do it. So, no big deal either way.

Your body naturally makes it and uses it for energy by cleaving the phosphate groups off just like when making ATP so taking before can have benefits of more energy to your muscles during workouts and then after to help replenish the stores you use. Just make sure to drink plenty of water.

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