Creatine Question

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Creatine. (Keep this shorter and sweet than previous)

I am loading 2 days only.

My question is do I take this Non workout days if so when ideal time?

PS I have the Biotest micronized creation monohydrate. Thanks

I’m not Christian, but I’m far better looking.

Generally, creatine is used daily at 5g even on off days.

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ok to just mix with water and slam on off days? Or is there a more ideal method that you can suggest?

On lift days I take it with MAG-10 per your advice.

Most people have their off-day creatine with something a little carby, but it’s not that necessary. Water is fine. If you have a Mag-10 pulse on off days, that’s a good time for creatine.

Shugs is right (except for the better looking part).

There is some creatine turnover every day so when you want maximum effect you need to use it everyday. Although on off days it isn’t necessary to use a high dose.

5g is enough to keep phophocreatine stores full.

It is well know that carbs improve the speed of creatine uptake by the muscles (well, it’s more the insulin released in response to the carbs) . This is important on workout days but on off days it doesn’t matter that much: the creatine will get in the muscle even without an insulin spike, it will just get there at a slower rate, which isn’t really an issue on off days.

I personally prefer to have the creatine in the evening on off days, but honestly it doesn’t really matter.

I want to mix creatine (5g) & beta-alanine (2g) with Plazma pre-workout and post-work out.
What is the correct way to do this? TYIA

Creatine can be added to Plazma any way you prefer you use creatine. I’m not sure about beta-alanine. Should be fine as long as both are basically non-caloric and pure, i.e. they add nothing nutritive which could throw off the effects of Plazma. Are you using Plazma intra-workout as well? Though there’s nothing wrong with Plazma post-workout, it’s typically pre-loaded then used during training. After, we suggest a pulse of Mag-10 or two.

I was taking prejym but the caffeine is just too much for me.
So…I am trying to get ALL the goodies in the Plazma! I will be adding:
(1) Biotest Creatine Malate (5g), (2) NOW 100% pure CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine (2g) and (3) NOW Taurine (1g). Also, pop a BioPerine tab (120 caps for $5 no biggie). Was very happy to see Betaine Anhydrous and Citulline Malate already in the Plazma.

With the Biotest GPC, I will take a Huperzine cap (500mcg).

AM Stack: Finibar, MAG-10, BioPerine, vitamin, Flameout, Curcumin, Carbolin 19, quercetin (500mg)
PM Stack: AM Stack, GPC, Huperzine; Micro-PA, Plazma (per instructions) with creatine, beta-alanine, taurine; MAG-10 (per instructions), Biotest ZMA with a couple caps Micro-PA before bed with 1 cap MAG-10.

That is all I can afford LOL!

As far as BCAA’s…the MAG-10 & Plazma covers it, right? Anything else needed? How bout addition liver support to Betaine?

Honestly, the best thing you can do is take Plazma and Mag-10 as directed instead of mucking it up with lots of other stuff from other companies that we can’t advise you about. The only approved item to add to Biotest workout nutrition is creatine. Not sure about all that other stuff. I’ve actually heard Tim Patterson (founder of Biotest) say that if people are going to mess with his very precise formulas he’d rather them just not use them. If Plazma needed all that other stuff, it would have been added.

No, no need to add BCAAs. Plazma and Mag-10 have you covered.

[quote]lesch@biotest wrote:

As far as BCAA’s…the MAG-10 & Plazma covers it, right? Anything else needed? How bout addition liver support to Betaine?


BCAAs are like 3 generations in the past if you ask me.

It was shown to have an effect on anabolism and anti-catabolism mostly by activating mTor, which turns on protein synthesis.

It was later found out that it really was the leucine (BCAAs = leucine + isoleucine + valine) that had an effect on mTor activation… so leucine supplements came out. Sadly most of the stuff on the market was cheapo stuff made from hair… to the best of my knowledge Biotest was the only company with pharma grade leucine not made from hair.

So using leucine pre-workout or prior to a high calories meal did work by activating mTor (which turns on protein synthesis) and increasing insulin release. However if you don’t have the full spectrum of amino acids in your blood when you turn on mTor you start the machinery without giving your body the materal to take advantage of it.

Which is why PLAZMA (and MAG-10) is so important: it provides all the necessary amino acids to take advantage of mTor activation and it is absorbed so fast that you can use it just before and while you train and shuttle those aminos straight to the muscles. And because of it’s amino acid profile it will at least match if not surpass BCAAs in mTor activation.

BUT your best bet is to add Micro-PA which is the most powerful mTor activation product on the market. The more mTor you turn on while you train, the more responsive will your muscles be to training.

I would like to thank you both for your time and knowledge.

This website is gold…and the products are revolutionary; it is a
process though to forget the old school supplementation concepts.
Fortunately, Biotest has made the transition easy…buy the products,
follow the instructions LOL. Thank You again.

[I am gonna be 48 next month and shooting for my 1st 400lb bench; been working out for 2.5 years…amazing how the muscle turns back-on after 20 years LOL. Looking to take it to the next level with these modern supplements from Biotest: Carbolin 19, Micro-PA, Plazma, MAG-10]

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