Creatine Question

I’ve been using the creatine monohydrate for a while and didnt notice much, ended up taking a break from using it for quite some time.

When I came back to using it I followed the loading instuctions for 5g 4x a day. Within a week from doing that my weight shot up and my muscles looked much fuller, I knew it was the creatine. I ended up having to take about a 2 week break from using the maintenance dose of 5g a day. I’m wondering, should i do the loading protocol again?

Also, I know theres two different types of creatine T-Nation sells, what is the biggest difference with the two?

With <a href=""target=“new”>Creatine Monohydrate you can load it or not. 5g per day will “load” the muscles after a while, it’s just not as overtly noticeable and heavy front-loading. The initial weight gain and look of fuller muscles is from fluid, which is good, and muscle gains will happen, but that doesn’t mean of course that creatine caused that much muscle gain in just a few days. But either method, loading or not, will allow creatine to do its thing. With creatine, once you’re loaded, you’re loaded, and a smaller daily dose is all that’s needed.

<a href=""target=“new”>Creatine Malate provides the same benefits of regular creatine plus greater work-capacity effects. Many non-respoinders to standard creatine have better results with malate as well. It absorbs faster and most people see no need to load it.

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