Creatine in Metabolic Drive

I have your creatine monohydrate and want to know if I am able to mix this with my Metabolic Drive protein?

You can. If you’re also using Plazma, Mag-10 or any of the Surge supplements, those would be a better choice. But for as much as people have tried to perfect creatine intake, it basically comes down to “take it daily and it’ll do its thing in the long run.”

Thanks Chris!

uk2reno, I mix mine with MAG-10 and also Metabolic Drive. I go back and forth depending on what I plan to drink at the time I add it. I find it mixes well with either one.
Like Chris says, as long as you take it daily, you will enjoy all of the benefits it has to offer.
It is as safe a supplement as you can find and will assist you in your work outs.

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