Creatine and Masters Athlete

Andrea asks:

I’m new to creatine. Just want to know if a 5g dosing is typical for me. I’m 58 year old female CrossFit athlete. Normal CrossFit 4 hours a week and 8 hours comp training a week. I’m lean but need to put more muscle on.

Yup! Five grams a day is perfect. There’s no need to worry about loading it either.

Yep, 5g is a good dose for basically everyone. Just keep in mind that creatine on its own doesn’t really add muscle.

You should take a look at the workout nutrition Christian Thibaudeau uses with his CrossFit Games competitors. In this thread, he discussed his plan for lifting sessions vs metcon work.

Getting the right workout nutrition in place, like Plazma, can improve recovery and performance, and help with muscle growth. It’s going to be tough to add much muscle unless your training, nutrition, and supplement plan are all dialed in 100% on point. Definitely possible though.

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