Creatine and Comments on Current Supplements?


I have a few questions about supplementation, I am living and working on a US base in Europe and have a pretty good stack of Biotest supplements. I have Plazma, Mag-10 , alpha male , Micro PA , Indigo 3-G and Carbolin 19 . I pretty much take as instructed, my weekly routine is a mixture of Cross fit and weight training. Do you think there is a need to add creatine to this, I have a pretty maxed out supplement chain, lol… any advice is appreciated. Also, regarding my supplement stack, do any of these overlap, am I overdoing my supplementation ?

Creatine isn’t, like, “essential”, but it’s pretty high up there on the priority list. There are just a ton of benefits and it’s something that’s on its own, not in any of the other supps listed. So I’d say it’s definitely worth adding in.

Looks pretty solid and well-planned, just take everything as directed. The only thing that jumps out to keep an eye on is Alpha Male and Carbolin 19. Because Alpha Male contains Carbolin 19 as one of its ingredients, you don’t want to take them on the same day. The work-around is to stick to Alpha Male’s dosing schedule (5 days on, 2 days off) and just take the Carbolin 19 on those other two days.

Aside from that, you’re good. Just make sure your training and nutrition are really dialed in to get the most benefit from the supps. The best stack in the world can’t really make up for poor training or a junk diet.

Plazma when you lift, Mag-10 for hard conditioning (like CrossFit metcon work) or as a protein pulse during the day, Micro-PA and Indigo-3G before workouts on training days or before a meal on rest days, and Alpha Male twice a day (like before breakfast and before lunch or dinner). If you go with creatine, toss it right into the Plazma or Mag-10.

So…I usually do 1 hour of crossfit and then 30 minutes of hitting the muscle group I didn’t hit in the class…I drink Plazma throughout both workouts and mag 10 after the workouts…should I change this up ? I workout Mon-Tue,Thurs-Fri and usaully have pretty active weekends, biking, trails, Spartan runs , whatever I can get into, work wise, I am behind a computer all day .

I really appreciate the information !! Thanks alot,…

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