Create a Stack?

I currently take a preworkout, intraworkout carbs, and Metabolic Drive post workout. It’s costing me about 130$/30 servings or 4.33$/serving. My stats are 6’1" 230lbs 17% bf (old number but still close). My goals in order of importance right now are increase my maxes, gain some size, and lose bf but obviously doing all three at the same time would be ideal.

I workout in the morning so I like having the preworkout for energy during and after the workout, the carbs have been helping me recover better, and I have the protein shake on my morning commute.

So can you recommend a good stack for me to keep the price close to what I pay now?

I looked at the 531 stack which seemed like it would be close to what I do now but I wanted to see if there were other opinions/options. It seemed to me like I would also have to take less than the recommended to get the best price/serving i.e. 1 scoop of MAG-10 vs 2 but I don’t know if that is recommended.


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