Crazy Night at Work = NEPA?

Hey all,

I got my ass kicked all up and down the unit tonight. My feet are killing me and I’ve been lifting, running, and stressing for most of the night. Hell, even if I wasn’t on this diet, I wouldn’t have had time to eat anything more than my shakes anyway…

I’m an RN, for the record. Anyway, does this equal the NEPA or do I need to hike sometime today?

I’ve been wondering about this myself. I work as a pizza delivery guy and on Tuesday (13 hours) and Sunday (10 hours) I work long days consisting of nonstop walking/movement. It’s going to be hard to get in the sleep I need plus the time for the NEPA and rest.

A couple of things:

  1. It’s hard to overdo NEPA. In our case, daily walks. In most cases, it’s replenishing and supportive rather than draining or catabolic. In fact, NEPA walks have been called the simplest form of GPP or General Physical Preparedness.

But, if the choice is between your NEPA walk and sleep, then get adequate sleep.

  1. While NEPA (or NEAT, Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) is important, and while it’s been shown to be the difference in long term fatness and long term leanness, it’s not a miracle worker.

Example: I know a few fat, pregnant-looking male letter carriers. These guys carry bags of mail for miles and miles every day. Their NEPA is through the roof.

Now, I sit at a computer most of the time; my natural NEPA sucks unless I make an effort to do more. Yet I have abs and these letter carriers are fat.


They don’t go to the gym and they eat like crap. Even all that NEPA can’t overpower their Taco Hell diets.

Now, for those with physically demanding jobs or who have to do some sort of required PT for military service, I usually tell them to skip the NEPA walks. It’s up to you to decide whether your job is physically demanding.

I worked summers once in a cemetery, either pushing a manual mower or carrying around an industrial weed whacker for 8 hours a day. I was physically exhausted and had to recoup before I could hit the gym at night. I certainly didn’t need extra NEPA or cardio.

A solution could be to split the difference: do NEPA 2-3 times per week; skip it if you had a crazy work load.

Hopefully all that rambling from me will help you decide!

That’s what I was thinking - if work is crazy, no NEPA. If work is normal, NEPA.

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