Craving Killer

I’ve heard that sugar free gum is a good way to help mitigate a craving or hunger. My one problem is that I’m completely disgusted by gum and it makes my stomach hurt. When I’m just sitting around for longer than 5 minutes, I can always make a cup of tea/coffee to help, but as a student I don’t always have time to make a cup, nor the hands to carry it.

Is there a good substitute for gum that I could use while on the go?

A couple of things about cravings. First, most are caused by the addictive components (exorphins) of wheat and to some extent liquid milk (other dairy is okay.) It can take a week to kick this very real opiate-like addiction.

So, if you’ve had wheat or milk in the last week, expect some cravings, but also expect them to go away if you stay wheat-free. Nothing you can but stay strong for 5-7 days. If you’re on the V-Diet, then make sure your HSMs are wheat free and by the time you’re halfway through the V-Diet you’ll also be “cured” of the wheat addiction, which causes people to overeat by hundreds of calories per day and have tough cravings. Getting rid of wheat is one of the best things you can too for long-term leanness.

More practically for now, sugar-free mints, like Altoids, can work if you’re tired of gum. Real peppermint is soothing to the stomach and it keeps you from wanting to overeat because it’s like brushing your teeth – the minty taste makes you not want to eat right away. I also had one V-Dieter get over his first few tough days by chewing on those hot cinnamon toothpicks.

Now, if you’re on the V-Diet, remember that you are very well nourished with multiple shakes per day and all your healthy fats and fruits/veggies are taken care of with Superfood. While the calories and carbs may be lower than normal (it is a diet after all) the plan is providing everything you need to nourish the body multiple times per day. So you’re not technically “hungry or starving” but mainly just battling old habits. The first week or two can be tough and it’s best to distract yourself – go for an extra walk if you find yourself standing in the kitchen having a temptation. Don’t let yourself get bored! Replace bad eating habits when bored or stressed with something else, like a walk.

But by the end of week 4 you’ll be fine and many even want to do another week because it’s become easy to them. It’s just a matter of staying tough for a few weeks.

Remember, this is “diet rehab” not just a short diet plan. Gotta be tough now so it’s all easier later!

PS: There is one more very hardcore thing you could do if things don’t get better. But it makes many people sick to their stomachs. So, read with caution and don’t try it unless you really feel it’s needed:

Thanks Chris!

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