Anyone else super cranky doing this diet?

It’s normal the first week as your body adjusts but after that week I’ve felt fine.

I just finished week 2.

Week 1 was not a lot of fun, it’s such a big adjustment. Week has been easy; really. As long as I stay on 3 hour shake schedule, I don’t get hungry. I do cook for the family, but don’t sit with them while they eat…that’s not pleasant.

I’ve lost 7.6 lbs in 2 weeks, feel a ton better, sleeping better, wife says I’m not snoring, energy good.

Stick with it. It’s on;y 28 days. You can do it.

Oh, annd crankiness? Try to make some time for yourself, to just chill.

Since I have been gaining weight my wife says I snore all the time. Hopefully this diet will help cure it for me as it did for bmcbass.

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