Cramps on the V-Diet - Salt Deficiency?

Hi all

I am half way through day three of the Velocity Diet at the moment. Absolutely loving it - everything written about having no choice is spot on, it really works. Have been a little hungry but nothing crazy, and no other major probs (such as sleeping) so far.

One small niggle, though, was that I got quite bad cramps in the gym this morning. I never suffer from these, so it’s surprised me a bit. Meant that I had to spring up in the middle of my set of crunches as the pain was so bad!

I don’t fully understand why cramps occur - something to do with sodium? - so I’m wondering if this means that my diet is leaving me deficient in some areas.

I’m using all of the suggested Biotest products (thanks to Richard I for suggesting a good place to pick it all up in the UK).

Thoughts appreciated - and thanks for any advice you’re able to offer.

Keep on keeping on.

You might possibly be Overhydrated…which can be fixed by adding sodium…or decreasing the amount of water.

Before I started, I always carried water around with me and just sipped it because I knew I should, even though I wasn’t super thirsty.

When I started, I realized I didn’t have to do this because there was enough water in the shakes, the water I took the supps with, and the 2 glasses of decaf tea I drink!

I actually woke up in the middle of the night with a nasty calf cramp. I may be overhydrating as well.

Good luck on your diet! That tailgate party is going to be a test of willpower for sure. Just think about all of your diet goals and that should get you through.

Thanks Joe, I think it will be tough. Focus on the goal, and go prepared with bags of protein powder in my pockets. That’s the play.

Could be interesting getting sachets of white powder through security!

Olsen714 - great point. I think you’re completely right. I’m used to getting through 3 litres at my desk every day as a habit on top of other incidentals like tea, and the small amounts from food. I’m probably adding at least 2 litres with shakes and washing down supps.

I think I’ll add a small amount of salt to one or two of my shakes - shouldn’t be able to taste it really.

Cheers for the advice.

No Problem!

I might get boo’d for saying this, but some diet soda or crystal light always has sodium in it too!

As for your tailgate thing - just keep telling yourself “This is not the worlds last tailgating party I will ever go to”

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