Couple's V Diet Starts NOW!

My wife and I experienced that rare event of two people having their phoenix moments at the same time and about the same thing. Neither of us are happy about our body compositions and we are both pissed enough to do something serious about it.

I’ve known about the V-Diet for a long time (claim to fame: I sold Shugs his flax seeds back in the day when I worked at GNC while he was experimenting with the first versions of the V-Diet. I thought it was bat-shit crazy back then, but that was pre-phoenix). In particular, the awesome results seen in this forum’s participants is what prompted both my wife and I to do this diet.

So, here we are at day one. We were about 30 min into our first 45 min NEPA walk (fasted) when my wife’s pager goes off (she’s on call this weekend): 30 minutes to get to the OR, emergency C-Section. We haul ass back to the house, I make her shake for her (two scoops vanilla MD, some raspberry sugar free crystal light, a scoop of Biotest l-leucine (damn, forgot to get flax seeds, oh well, move them to a later shake), while she grabs a scrub hat and gets her bag together to go up to the hospital. I pour her shake into a glass that’ll fit into the cup holder in her car, she grabs a straw (she loves to drink her protein shakes with a straw for some reason).

She takes a quick sip through the straw and almost throws up all over the kitchen floor. With 15 min to be in the OR and the hospital being 10 minutes away, we quickly conclude that we’ll have to sort this out when she gets back.

Now, here I am, drinking her shake (not a big fan of raspberry and vanilla, but can’t waste the MD and Leucine - I cashed the Superfood back separately), trying to figure out how to work these shakes for her in a way that is at least slightly palatable. She’s lactose intolerant, but it appears from many posts that lactose intolerant people do not have problems with the MD b/c of the micellar casein/whey isolate combo.

The problem is, however, that being lactose intolerant has conditioned a severe nausea response to anything “milky” flavored for my wife. Any suggestions on how to minimize that part of the flavor would be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully she’ll only be out for a couple of hours so as to not screw up the shake schedule too much.

So that is the first couple of hours of V-Diet Day 1 for us. More updates are to come (my pics and measurements will be up later today, I’m not sure if my wife will be comfortable with her pics on the internet, so it might just be measurements for her). She has an account here at T-Nation, though she rarely logs on - she might swing by from time to time, but I’ll probably be the one posting most of the time. Looking forward to getting to know fellow V Dieters through this forum.

Stay healthy, everyone!


My wife and I had simmilar timing as well, but she still refuses to try the Velocity Diet. I got her hooked on Superfood though, (thank God).

She will be doing the P90X program while I’m doing the V-Diet.

What a hectic way to start your program! Think the lady giving birth would have a problem with you going in there to give your wife the shake? Just hold the straw up to her mouth during the delivery. :wink:

Maybe make the shakes thicker or thinner by using less or more water?

Good luck! Looking forward to seeing updates.

I’ve seen some people definitely loose fat and gain some muscle on the P90X program. It also “feels” a little more reasonable - I think it takes a special kind of crazy to do the V-Diet :wink: I’m sure she’ll do well.

My wife does gas (anesthesia), so she’s not technically in the sterile field - and I’d get to watch a surgery (I’m a later-in-life pre-med student). Seems like your suggestion would be win-win if it weren’t for the damn OR rules. Contamination, schmitamination.

I think she might just start tomorrow - she’s on call again, but we’ll have some time tonight (assuming she’s not up there till midnight or later) to play around with the shakes and find something that’ll work for her.

Actually, just got a text from her saying that she’ll be up there for a while. Looks like tomorrow will be her day 1.

Did she need the extra raspberry flavoring? That didn’t seem to go well. Sometimes those not used to protein shakes are best off trying one plain - water and ice only. Then they can work in Superfood, flax, approved extra flavorings etc. Get them used to a straight shake, play with the amount of water and ice to see what they like best, etc.

Sounds like a good idea - I think her raspberry idea was just to try to mimic the fruit punch flavor that she is used to in her Isopure low carb pre- V-Diet protein powder.

We’ll definitely do some experimenting tonight so she can hit the ground running.

I, however, can drink just about anything. I worked at GNC during the ephedra drink days - nothing tasted worse than those. I can just fit her failed experiments in for my meals (adding a scoop as necessary).

Pics and Stats:

Height: 5’11’
Weight 184.3 lbs.
Neck: 15.5 in.
Shoulders: 44.5 in.
Upper Chest (at nipple line): 41 in
Lower chest (right below pec muscle): 38.25
At Navel: 36 in. (this is also the largest point)
Hips: 40 in.
Both thighs: 23 in.
Both Calves: 15 in.
Left Ankle: 9 in.
Right Ankle: 9.25 in.
Left Upper Arm: 13.25 in.
Right Upper Arm: 13.125 in.

Just wanted to drop a note and wish you both luck! It is sooooooo much easier living a healthy lifestyle or changing a diet when both partners are in on it. I think its sweet that your trying to find ways to help her find a way to get the stuff down.

I too am lactose intolerant (and pre med!). I find sometimes that the shakes are less abrasive to my senses if I make them thick enough to eat with a spoon. The chocolate ones especially tend to be like mousse, so it makes me WANT to eat it, and I can get over the milk-ness.

On the other hand, sometimes in the morning when my stomach is way sensitive i find it easier to water it down a lot and chug, it dilutes it enough that it doesnt upset my stomach so much. Good luck!

YUM! So I tried something that seems to de-milkatize the shakes…try mixing it with tea! Rooibose and chai are good ones to start with, but even some good green teas work! I don’t know if you have a local teavana, but you can go on their website and order teas too. As long as the tea doesn’t have calories they’re cool and if you make them strong you can water down the protein powder a lot and you don’t get the milky taste…the one I’m drinking right now tastes like a vanilla rooibos soy latte from starbucks :slight_smile:

I dont know if your wife is a tea person but hey…Im loving it so I thought Id pass it on!

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