Couple Questions Before I Start

Eggs- i read in a thread that some have substituted whole eggs instead of peanut butter in shake #5.

i sometimes crack an egg or two into protein shakes already, so if this is allowed as a substitute, i think i would rather do that instead of the natural peanut butter. i do have natural peanut butter on hand, so until i hear that this substitute is allowed, ill do the Pb. i definitely wouldnt “cheat” and cook the eggs though, so as to not miss out on any taste changes.

also- this may not be terribly important, but i put all the powders for tomorrow (day 1) in plastic ziplock baggies marked “meal 1” “meal 2” “meal3” etc. i noticed that the powders were sticking to the baggie slightly, really not much though. should i worry about this small amount or just empty the baggies into the cup and forget about it?


fyi, i definitely got pissed, time for change! and now im very excited about it

  1. No substitutions or additions. Period.

  2. Should be fine.

thanks Chris. 3 shakes into the day, ive decided that the peanut better sounded better anyways.

its funny, none of it really tastes bad, i think the hardest part will be drinking this much liquid that tastes like this…

not going to be easy like i was imagining it, but ill get through.

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