Couple of Questions

Hi, Just ordered all my supplements for the V-Diet. So I had a few questions regarding the diet.

  1. How much water can I have? Am I allowed to have unlimited water or should I just drink what is stated in the diet?

  2. Is black coffee ok? I have an addiction to black coffee and cant get through the day without copious amounts of coffee, will that be ok on the diet? I have a very high caffeine tolerance.

  3. Once I end the diet and finish any recovery period. Will it be ok to start round 2 if I need to lose more weight, or should I wait?


I can answer some for sure!

Q: Can I do the V-Diet for more than four weeks?
A: No. But you may do another V-Diet four to six weeks after you finish the two-week Transition phase.

That’s from the FAQ.

You can have as much water as you want. Although, I found I had plenty from the shakes and workout drinks myself.

Also, as far as black coffee…

Q: Can I have coffee, tea, or diet soda on this diet?
A: The fat burner recommended, HOT-ROX Extreme, has some stimulatory properties, so if you’re sensitive to stimulants you may want to go easy on the caffeine-containing beverages. But for most people, a cup of coffee or green tea in the morning is fine. Just remember, no sugar and no cream.

  1. Drink water as you want it.

  2. Black coffee is fine, but note that HOT-ROX contains stimulants too so be careful with too much coffee if you’re sensitive.

  3. No, just do the transition phase.

All of these questions were answered in the plan, BTW. Be sure to read every tab for best results.

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