Couple of Questions


Hi Christ, I’ve been looking over your program and have a couple of questions:

  1. Regarding the supplements, I recently did a food allergy test and found that cow dairy, along with wheat is a big no go for me. But most protein supplements are made in part from cow dairy (aka whey). Is there an alternative?

  2. Going through the exercises, I can do most of them, with one exception and that is the lat pull down. This would be because I’m in a small apartment and while I do have room for a power rack, a lat type machine like I see in the video won’t fit. I do however have olympic free weights,(300 lbs) bar and a set of the urethane 90 powerblocks. So the only thing I’m not sure of is the lat pull down. What would you suggest?

I’d classify myself as new to this (though I’ve lifted weights before but not like this).

Thanks Chris!

  1. Most people who cannot handle dairy do just fine with Metabolic Drive. The V-Diet will not give you good results with another protein powder.

I’d suggest you order a single bottle of Metabolic Drive, see how it works for you, then order the full V-diet package if it’s okay.

  1. A row variation will be fine.


If it does give you trouble, a MAG-10 fast program might be a good alternative.