Counting MAG-10 for Intake Totals

I know you have said previously that the 20g protein in MAG-10 is far more beneficial than more grams from other sources so I have a question. If I am trying to track my protein intake should I count a serving of MAG-10 as 20g or more than that? I have been crediting it with 40 grams per serving for my daily intake tracking but that is based on purely anecdotal assumption in ignorance of any quantifiable data.

There’s honestly not a clear way to count it, simply because this protein technology has never really been out there until now. But a practical way to do this would be to simply count it normally, just for simplicity’s sake. But what you’ll probably find is that you really don’t need the total amount of protein as you did before. Honestly, I just don’t count protein myself. Have a few servings of Mag-10 per day, eat some meat and eggs, don’t sweat the details. It’s actually liberating, one less thing to worry about.

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