Counting Down From 265


I was in good shape through high school, because of athletics. I graduated weighing about 185 with about 12% body fat. In college I started hitting the weights harder and stood solid at 185 with 10% bf from about 19-21. My last year or two of college I worked out some, but not consistently and put on some weight and graduated at like 215 probably around 18-20% bf.

Well, here I am 25 working a desk job and I stepped on the scale for the first time in a while, expecting things to be bad, but not “that bad.” I started lifting again in January with limited cardio and have all my strength back from college, but weigh more fat. As of today March 24 I weighed this morning at 252. I have a few buddies coming down next week so I can’t start the V-Diet until 4/11. I took some pics and will attach them when I actually start.

The V-Diet package came in this week and I just wanted to post a thread here saying that I’m excited and can’t wait for the transformation! It may take a couple rounds to get back to where I was in college, but anything will beat where I’m at right now!

I plan on doing the diet 100% but I really enjoy my current workout scheme which I know may hinder my results some, but any time I try and follow a plan, it messes w/ my mental state and messes me up. I plan on doing upper/lower body split and taking the last set to failure:

Incline BB - 135 x 5, 155 x 5, 175 x 5, 195 x 3, 215 x 2, 235 to failure which earlier this week was 5.

I like Thib’s idea of “starting at the top” and working down. So, I start w/ shoulders and work down. This is just a sample of one lift, but I’ll do all lifts very similar. A fast paced, light rep, multiple set warmup, then one hard set to failure. I don’t get sore and I can usually come back in and hit it hard again that week.

Well, wish me luck! I’ve read a lot of the v-diet blogs, but obviously not all of them. If anyone has any suggestions/tips they’re much appreciated!

The first 4 are from the end of February. The last two were from 4 years ago. My motivation to get back to where I was.


The only thing I can think of so far is be aware of the volume of work you do in the workouts, it may paste you down the road. But hey you’re 25 you have some leeway on that for sure.

Keep us posted!


And so it begins tomorrow morning. I am about to go prepackage all my “meals” into little sandwich baggies for me to enjoy through out the day. I am a school teacher and will eat:
Meal 1 - 6:45-7:00am
Meal 2 - 9:35am
Meal 3 - 12:30-1:15 (This is going to be the difficult 45minute lunch break while I watch others eat)
Meal 4 - 3pm
Work out - 4pm
Recovery drink - 5pm
Meal 5 - 8pm

I have HOT-ROX and I’m hoping I can make it in bed by 10pm and not be too hungry. I may tweak my times a little or may thin out shakes and maybe have one at 7pm and 9pm to keep calories the same.

I am planning to do 75-100 push-ups in the morning and doing the hour long NEPA at night either right after meal 5 or if I spread it to make a meal 6 I’ll do it between meal 5 and 6, so I can shower, drink meal 6 and go to bed FULL!


So, I’m about to go work out and I’m starving, but not sure I can drink anymore. I’ve been drinking all day, just kind of sipping. If I try to drink faster my weak stomach wants to throw up.

My timing was a little off from what I have written above. It’s 2:10pm and I’m just finishing meal 3 and am going to train within the hour.

I’ve had 6 fiber tablets and I’m not sure how many I want to eat of those.

Any suggestions to help curb my appetite? I took a HOT-ROX this morning and about to take one more before I go work out. As stated above I weigh 250sh, would it be horrible to add some PB into the lunch shake?


Day 3 has begun and I feel pretty good. My 1st shake is down and now I’m sipping on some nasty, black coffee. At first I was going to do my own work out, but I’ve opted out and decided if the diet fails I don’t want it to be on me, but on Chad and Chris. So, now I’m following the training program.


[quote]supertones31 wrote:
but I’ve opted out and decided if the diet fails I don’t want it to be on me, but on Chad and Chris. [/quote]


So, I almost had a meltdown. I took a nap from 3pm-6pm and I’ve never woken up so hungry. I almost ruined the diet right here on day 3. I remember reading something on here about the 30minute rule. So, I set my alarm, made a shake and said - “When the timer dings, if I still want food, I’ll get food.” Well, I stayed strong. About to hit up some NEPA.


Day 4 and life isn’t so bad. My legs are ridiculously sore from the lifts last night (I may have gone too heavy). But those 30second breaks are killer! Definitely looking forward to just walking it out tonight and no lifting! I realized last night I can get big easily, I’ve done it before, but getting lean I’ve tried 3 or 4 different ways and I’m really at the end of my rope. So, even if I lose strength (or gain it in different ways) I’ll be ok, because I can build back muscle easily.

I pretty much keep the before/after pics open on my computer all day for motivation and it helps. The part where I start to get miserable is when reading HSM stuff. Even just now typing HSM made my stomach growl a little!

Anyways, shake 1 down - 1 1/2 choc, 1 1/2 vanilla, 4oz of water, 4oz of coffee, 2superfood, 1leucopine, and a big handful of ice! Might be my favorite combination to date. That is of those without some kind of nut butter.

Shake 2 coming up in 30minutes, strawberry!