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I started V-Diet today and decided to do the training program as well, instead of my normal crossfit. I did the advanced workout day 1 today for a total of 20 reps for each exercise (underhand rows, overhead squats, dips and ab roller) split into 4 sets (5 reps each heavy load). I felt like it was a little easy but weight was correct and heavy, should I add sets of a different movement or stick to the plan??

I’m obviously not CT or Shugart, but I have done the V-Diet and V-Diet workouts. These workouts are not meant to thrash you as I would imagine you normally feel after a crossfit session, they’re meant to “stimulate, not annihilate” the muscle, so you can build/maintain muscle while doing the V-Diet without causing any metabolic damage by overworking and under eating.

For the purpose and design of the V-Diet workouts, my guess would be adding more reps/sets wouldn’t be a good idea if you’re following the V-Diet strictly. Eating less and working out more isn’t a good combination. If it felt “easy,” maybe add more weight? Not sure what you mean by your weight was “correct and heavy,” unless you mean it allowed you to get the correct number or reps for the FIRST set as prescribed.

If you were able to really rep out the first set of 5 and had a few left in the tank that you feel would still maintain perfect form and tempo, up the weight, and be super sure your form/tempo is perfect. Even still, if you’re trying to compare the V-Diet workouts to how you normally feel at the end of a crossfit workout, I think you won’t feel as wiped out, as that is not the point of the V-Diet workouts.

Good luck!

Good answer above!

Assuming the lifting portion is being done correctly, my usual advice for those who want to “do more” is to simply walk more. You can’t overtrain NEPA.

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