Core Exercises in V-Diet Training

Hi Chris, we’re having a blast with VD, changing our lives!
Forgive me if you’d answered this question somewhere already but I missed it:
How do those core/abs exercises like Plank Hold and Side Plank Hold go with loading and reps?

For example, in Beginner’s medium load day, my daughter’s supposed to do 40 reps each exercise so…sh holds the plank for 40 seconds? Or, she holds it as long as possible and count it one x 40 reps?

Also, with Ab-wheel rollout in heavy days, would you want me to load up with a superband or roll a loaded barbell instead (make it heavy enough so I can roll only 5 reps)? Or, I should just reach and hold long enough so I can do only 5 rolls?

Thanks for your help, Chris!

Planks: Coach Waterbury clarified this somewhere, but I’m not sure where. Do two sets to failure (hold as long as you can.) That’s it.

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