Cool V-Diet Gadgets

Thought I’d start a thread to post gadgets or items that help out V-Dieters. I have an IPhone and found a couple of apps that are really cool. They can be found in the app store by searching for them in the Fitness & Health section.

The first one I bought was an IPhone program called “FitTimer”. It’s a fully programable countdown timer for rest in between sets as well as a total workout timer. It has programable sounds that warn when you are about to begin your next set then a separate tone telling you to begin a set. This was invaluable during the V-Diet Training Program for me :slight_smile:

Check out the software at

Another one that is free for IPhone or Itunes users is True Weight (Lite Version)
This is just a simple app that tracks changes in bodyweight and will do cool little charts of your progress…Just another thing to look forward to during the weekly V-Diet weigh-ins.

You can check out the software at

My favorite V-Diet gadget was just a good ol’ iPod. I downloaded audio books and listened to them on my NEPA walks. Got through a lot of books that way!

Seems like there could/should be a V-Diet app developed for the iPhone / iPod Touch. There are alot of so-called ‘fitness & nutrition’ apps out there, but most are for the Richard Simmons crowd. I’m 48, 5,11" and 195 lbs, but the apps I’ve looked into said my BMI was in the "obese"category…WTF??? I still wear 34 inch waist pants.

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