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I have not got all my supplements yet, should arrive in Tripoli in about a week. I do have some Metabolic Drive left over from last year and some other supplements so I am doing a modified with one healthy meal a day.

My first V-Diet two years ago got me from 248 to 202 in 2008. I am now 209 and want to do this again with my bro Brandonator.

I will post measurements photos and weight when the stuff arrives.



OK had my first full day of V-Diet. It is much the same as the last time I did it two years ago. It wasn’t hard, I didn’t have any milled flax seed. I can’t find a coffee grinder here in Tripoli, but my local guy is trying to find one for me so I missed out a little. I did the advanced workout and felt pretty good. I had a 2 mile NEPA walk at 5:30am.

Getting a ribbing from the guys at work about what I am doing, however I showed them before pictures when I did it two years ago and now a few have asked me for the url. before pictures to follow.

For some reason I can’t upload my pictures how annoying. Will keep at it.




That’s frickin’ impressive! I’m aiming for the exact same results!

You did not just put the word Cookie Dough on the list of threads.
Damn you

jkjk…kind of

[quote]Polsen714 wrote:
You did not just put the word Cookie Dough on the list of threads.
Damn you

jkjk…kind of[/quote]

I was just thinking the same thing!! drool

you sadist.

At least your name isn’t SucculentKingCrabLegs. I’ve been jonesin’ for some all week.

Day two: 5:30 am did 3 miles NEPA not eating isn’t too hard for the moment

Played two hours of doubles tennis, have a tournament with coworkers on Friday so had to get some practice make sure my heart rate stayed below 120 though. Then did a four mile NEPA walk. Shakes were a little hard to choke down but mind over matter.

Yeah I figured that name would get some attention :slight_smile: thanks for coming by! I could have named it

baconwrappedfilletminon x30 :slight_smile:

Here is a before picture of me 2008 pre Velocity

Post Velocity 2008

Wow the tennis was mad today. Instead of the workout we have four matches, lost two won two. I am beat! Need to weight in some time Saturday. Have a great weekend everyone!

So the scale that I was using was GROSSLY off. This makes me a little depo but I will get over it. New figures are 97 kilos not 95. So that means I was closer to 220 than 209. I have a wicked stuffy nose, not sure if it is allergies or sinus infection hoping for the former. Feel pretty good, really can’t wait for the healthy meal on Thursday…

The look is great. My workout buddy said he can tell a difference big time which is the desired affect. BOOYAH! V FTW!

Day 8 my first healthy meal day. I still feel pretty good accept for this sinus problem. Healthy meal will be Salmon fillet in olive oil and garlic some veggies over brown rice. I can’t wait!

Day 11 and I had to break my diet again for a banana. I had some bad muscle cramps after tennis, so I took out the peanut butter to get the potassium that I needed. It is looking good, I already have people commenting on the changes in my face and drape of my suit at work which is nice. I have improved at my pull ups and my weight training. I feel tired around 11 am and again at 3pm but that could be due to the NEPA walks I take at 5:30 am. At the two week mark I will take more photos and do another weight in. Until then true believers!

Day 12 went by uneventful. The work out was great, we have a limited gym in our villa compound but it was enough to almost kill me getting it all done. Followed that with a four mile walk and then tasty (gag) shake before bed excellent!

Ok day 14, the mid way point. I have to say right now I am feeling my worst. I just got fiber pills which I hope this helps a little. I got on the scale and was not that happy only dropped three pounds down to 206 here are the pictures.

next picture

another…stupid me or stupid program I can’t tell…not sure I like this forum system they have.

One more time…

yay finally!

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