Continuing the Fun

Hi Chris,

I’m on day 24 of the diet and have lost about 25 pounds. I’d say I’m on a roll and would like to keep the momentum going. Can I do the diet back to back? My plan was to finish on 9/11 and start again on 9/14. I realized you’ve answered this for the old diet.

I was also planning to do the 36 hour pulse fast once a week during round 2 to keep thing interesting.

Would the 5/2 method with an emphasis on your article the simple diet for athletes be the best way to maintain after vdiet is finally over?


Awesome results!

If you’re doing the new version of the V-Diet from the ebook ( then yes, it’s much easier to do back-to-back Velocity Diets.

And yes, TC’s 5/2 plan is great, and for general “living life” the Simple Diet for Athletes is the way to go.

A Pulse Fast once per week is also a good “living life” strategy. I’d keep it at once per week and not twice though as some folks do.

Music to my ears brother. Just placed my order.

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