Continue Micro-PA while Injured?

I started Micro-PA about 10 days ago, and unfortunately tweaked a muscle in my mid-back (probably rhomboid) doing heavy deadlifts several days after starting. I tried (probably stupidly…) working through the pain, but I have realized that I need to take a week or so completely off to let the swelling and pain go away (I will foam roll and do mobility work during the layoff).

Does anyone have any thoughts about whether or not there is any benefit to me in continuing to take Micro-PA at this point (since I only recently started it), or should I stop and wait until I can lift again? I am continuing to take I3G and pulse once or twice a day with MAG-10 during the layoff week, but just wonder if I’m wasting the Micro-PA (and of course $$) if I continue to take it while re-habbing (even for such a short time). Any advice would be appreciated!

We have strong indications that taking Micro-PA even when not training can have fat loss effects and (at the very least) muscle retention benefits. So it would be helpful, though of course if budget is an issue you may want to wait until you’re back at it in the gym. This would also allow you to better see Micro-PA’s effects. In short, there are benefits, but it’s up to you.


Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Since I hope to take off only a week, I think I will continue taking the Micro-PA and also hope that it mitigates any muscle and strength losses. If it does, it will certainly be worth the cost since as an older lifter I do tend to lose strength quicker (and take longer to build it back up) than a younger one. Thanks again for the timely information!

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