Continue Alpha Male Use After 3 Yrs?

Hi all, this is my first post but I have been a Biotest member (another account) for 8 years and purchasing products the entire time. Currently, I am 22 years old and about to graduate college. I have been taking Alpha Male for the last three years pretty consistently to help my athletic career. I play at a top 10 division 1 athletic program (reason for originally starting Alpha Male usage). At this point I am considering stopping. Although the physical changes have not been overwhelming, I have found that Alpha Male has a very powerful psychological effect.

I have felt very energetic, confident, quick witted, and generally just a more happy person. On the field I have been more ready to go at every practice and competition. I really want to harp on how I feel Alpha Male has just made me feel internally good about life, I would say it has made me a little less neurotic and made me worry less. I do not think I had low T before but I feel like Alpha Male has just made me better in school and life in general. I have landed a top tier investment banking job and I want to attribute this partly to Alpha Male, but in addition I worry that if I stop taking it I will lose the edge that it has given me over the past three years. So I have a few questions

-Will my use over the last 3 years have detrimental long term effects on my hormones?
-Should I even stop (the real question) and does that mean I am committing to being a lifelong user of T-boosters (maybe I am putting to much weight on it)?

I am a young man in the world, advice appreciated!

  1. Not if you’ve followed label directions and cycled <a href=""target=“new”>Alpha Male according the the label.

  2. It’s up to you. Assuming your T levels are naturally in the normal range and that Alpha Male bumped you up to a higher normal range, stopping would only cause you to go back to “regular” normal.

Brain Candy.

Give it a try.

Nothing to do with test, but still worth a shot.

That’s good suggestion, JFG.

Honestly the fact that you are attributing your success to this product and are afraid of stopping for that very reason would be enough to make ME stop, just to prove to myself that its me that is successful.

Once you’re no longer psychologically dependent on the product you can make an informed decision whether or not you think your life is better for taking it.

Right now you are proceeding from weakness, stop.

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