Contest - V-Diet

I hope this is the right place for this:
I remember before with the old V-Diet, you guys did a contest of sorts where T-Nation sponsored people on the V-Diet. People applied and said why they needed the V-Diet the most. As I can’t really afford the V-Diet as of now, I was wondering if this sort of thing would be back around? Thanks in advance!

I started last Wednesday (have all the supps) and I’d be down for a friendly competition! I’m not interested in any prizes, just pride! There have been some truly inspirational success stories on this program and we should keep them piling up with each new participant.

Nooo. I meant the people at T-Nation held a contest where people entered by saying why they needed the V-Diet most, then the coaches decided who needed it most and gave the products to that person for free and guided them through the diet.

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