Contest-Prep Diet?

Whatsup guys, I’m nearing the months of my very first bodybuilding contest (July) and have been trying to gather as much information as possible about cutting down into the low levels of bf (4-5%) Although I’m fairly confident with what I have, any and all critique is appreciated greatly.

Meal 1:
2 eggs 140 cals 16g protein 9g fat 02g carbs
1cup skim milk 85 cals 8g protein 0g fat 12g carbs
1/2 cup oatmeal 150 cals 05g protein 3g fat 27g carbs
1 scoop whey 120 cals 24g protein 1g fat 04g carbs
60g spinach 14 cals 02g protein 0g fat 02g carbs
Total: 509cals 55g protein 13g fat 47g carbs

Meal 2: preworkout
1/2cup oatmeal 150cals 05g protein 3g fat 27carbs
1scoop whey 120cals 24g protein 1g fat 04gcarbs
1/2tb almondb 050cals 01gprotein 5g fat 1.5g carbs
100g bluebb 057cals 01g protein 0g fat 17gcarbs
1banana 105cals 01gprotein .5g fat 30g carbs
Total: 482cals 32g protein 9.5g fat 79.5g carbs

Meal 3: postworkout
2 scoops whey 240cals 48g protein 2g fat 08g carbs
1tb almond but 100cals 02g protein 10gfat 3g carbs
200g sweet pot 180cals 04g protein 0g fat 41g carbs
Total: 520cals 54g protein 12g fat 52g carbs

Meal 4:
4 oz tilapia 170cals 30g protein 3g fat 0g carbs
1tb pb 100cals 05g protein 8g fat 3g carbs
280g brockly 100cals 07g protein 1g fat 29g carbs
Total: 470 cals 42g protein 12g fat 43g carbs

Meal 5:
4 oz tilapia 170cals 30g protein 3g fat 00g carbs
280g brockly 100cals 07g protein 1gfat 29g carbs
Total: 270cals 37g protein 4g fat 29g carbs

Meal 6:
4 oz tilapia 170cals 30g protein 3g fat 00g carbs
Total: 170 cals 30g protein 3g fat 00g carbs

Overall Total:
2,421 calories Macronutrients: 2,500 calories
250g protein Protein: 40% at 250g
53.5g fat Fat: 20% at 56g
250.5g carbs Carbs: 40% at 250g

Also, I’m very unfamiliar with how the last week of contest prep where you cut out all the water and sodium goes, so any advice would be awesome. Thanks!

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