Contemplating the Velocity Transformation

The last 2 weeks I have been seriously contemplating the Velocity Diet. The only thing holding me back is the cost, the days off between training and the commitment to 28 days of shakes. I have been strict with my nutrition in the past and have been down to 6 to 7 percent body fat before although I was really skinny and my composition was around 136 to 140 pounds with a lean mass of 128.

A couple of years ago I was as low as 131lbs with a lean mass of 119 at that time. During that time I was eating very low carb, not really watching calories all the time as I would eat large steaks etc… Just very low carb. I was also training in the morning before work fasted. I was following the Body For Life training plan. I did get really lean.

In the past 2 years I have stopped training fasted all the time, although I do still sometimes, especially cardio wise. I have gained a lot of strength and right nori weight around 172lbs and have a lean mass according to a Tanita scale of around 142-143.
What’s wants to lean out and keep as much muscle mass as possible as I have already been though other lean out programs but I lost muscle mass too. I think this Velocity plan might be the ticket to my goal of leaning out but staying strong.

I eat pretty clean right now but let myself slide sometimes and when I do overeat foods that I have restricted in the past, like peanut butter, or cereal, or sweets. I want o regain my focus and get back to being in great shape. My goal into get to 160lbs and have a lean mass of 145 plus. I think the V-Diet and training may be the way to go. Just can’t pull the trigger.

If you think it’s too expensive then you’re not ready to go balls out on fat loss.

Try the 100gram carb cure.

[quote]corstijeir wrote:
If you think it’s too expensive then you’re not ready to go balls out on fat loss.

Try the 100gram carb cure.[/quote]

I take it you did the Velocity Diet?

First, keep in mind that Tanita scales are horribly inaccurate and you’d be wise to toss it out. Use the mirror, pics, and tape measurements to judge progress.

There are many things you could to lean out and gain muscle. I suggest looking into Indigo-3G since it sounds like you have the kinds of underlying issues that it fixes:

Whether you do the V-Diet or not us up to you. I’d rather see you adopt the Indigo-3G plan.

What do you mean fix underlying issues? What does indigo 3G plan fix? Checked out the supplement info but not sure what you mean?
I did the Velocity training last week just to check it out. Loved the program. I feel stronger and leaner just from the training and eating better for the most part.

Inability to handle carbs, easy fat gain, hard to gain muscle etc.

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