Considering the V-Challenge

I’m 54 years old and phasing into the wonderful menopausal stage of my life…

I met an old high school friend a few weeks ago and she was telling me about the V-Challenge. The past couple of years I have gained several pounds and am getting less and less active. I experienced vertigo for the first time this past year and have had several episodes; but none lately.

My question or concern is this - I want to start the ‘diet’ right away and order the necessary products/supplements; however, I’m not certain how well I will do with the workout/exercise side of the plan. What can you suggest. I work 10 hour days (but only 4 days a week) and my job is sedentary. I do love to walk and I do have a treadmill with an incline.

I am in basically good health other then being very overweight. I’m 5 feet tall and weigh about 185 right now. I have a cardiologist that has seen me to make sure the vertigo was simply that - vertigo and not a heart condition. My cardiologist wants to see me get my heart rate up to 125-130 for 20-30 minutes 4 times a week. He ordered an ultrasound of my heart and it looks good. So, basically it is up to me to get this weight off and get my heart rate up and the muscle working and in shape.

With all this said; what do you suggest for me? I’m ready to order the products - Metabolic Drive Low Carb Protein, Surge Recovery, HOT-ROX Extreme, Flameout EPA/DHA and Biotest Superfood. As far as the following the diet program; I feel confident that I can do this and stick with it for 28 days.

My concern is the exercise…I need something to build up to and something that I can actually do (in my home or at work). Can this be done? Can you help me get started and get headed in the right direction? I’ve never been this heavy or this out of shape in all my life. Kids are grown and gone out of the home now and I’ve become lazy.

I did read something about Fahrenheit for women. Any thought on that for me?

I’d suggest a modified plan for your needs, and you won’t need the full package of supplements.

First, just in case, let’s skip the fat burners (HOT-ROX and Fahrenheit). See the warning labels on those, which are viewable at the online store here at T-Nation. They just aren’t needed right now anyway. Let’s take care of meals and overall diet first. You’ll still burn plenty of fat. If your docs clear those products for later usage, that’s fine.

Also, Surge Recovery is designed to be used after intense weight training. It would not be needed if you’re not lifting weights, and lifting weights hard. You may be doing that eventually, but it sounds like you’re just getting back into an exercise program, so it’s not needed right now.

For your needs I’d suggest what we sometimes call the “V-Diet Lite.” It’s very effective for fat loss and helping you break bad dietary habits, but it’s not as intense because you get an HSM (healthy solid meal) every day.

Here’s how it works: For breakfast, lunch, and mid-afternoon snack, drink a <a href=""target=“new”>Metabolic Drive shake. Two scoops in breakfast and lunch, then one or two scoops for an afternoon sack, mixed in ice cold water or blended.

For dinner, you’d simply follow the HSM guidelines in the diet plan: a lower carb protein and vegetable meal, maybe with a handful of rice or small potato. Consume no wheat or milk with these meals as they both cause cravings and lead to overeating (among other issues.) If you’d like to have that solid meal for breakfast and have a shake for dinner, that’s fine too.

We’d still suggest using <a href=""target=“new”>Superfood as it’s just all-around great for you. You can add it to a vanilla shake or just mix it in water. it’s unsweetened and tastes like a berry herbal tea. Some people like it in shakes. Also, use 4 capsules of <a href=""target=“new”>Flameout per day. You can split these up or take all 4 with your evening meal.

You can also leave out the flax seed mentioned in the V-Diet plan. Since you’ll be eating a solid meal every day, you won’t need it.

So, you won’t need to order the big V-Diet package, just get what you need separately at the <a href=""target=“new”>Biotest Store.

As for exercise, it’s always wise to include weight training. The V-Diet plan may be a little complex, but if you can work with a trainer that would be great. If resistance training isn’t in the cards right now, daily fast walks will get you started.

Thank you, Chris. I will definitely start off with what you have suggested. If I can drop some pounds and breath easier; then I will definitely start back with a gym/trainer and get started on some weight lifting program. Once I get some pounds off; I know I can honestly commit to a more serious work-out program (weights). I will get back with you on what supplements, etc. I need to order and where to go next.

I really appreciate you taking time to write me back and offer encouragement by suggesting a ‘lite’ start to get me going. I am my own worst enemy and I can tell how unhealthy I have been getting the past two years. I am miserable in my own body because of my spiraling loss of willpower and motivation. The episodes of vertigo added to my frustrations and my fear to be active at all anymore. I’m ready to get more active on a daily basis and follow a much better diet.

I will definitely get back with you and note my progress and ask for your guidance to move forward with the ‘real challenge’.

Thanks again!

Looking forward to helping you out!

I always say that my favorite kind of person to work with is someone who’s frustrated and a little angry at themselves. They always get the best results because they have some “fire” in them!

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