Considering Plazma?

Just thought I’d tell a story and give this feedback…

About a month or so ago, this guy who I see a few times a week at the gym and is in good shape, asked me about what I was drinking while lifting. So I explained that it was Plazma and gave him the short speech on the benefits of cyclic dextrin and hydrolyzed casein when consumed as your pre/intra/post workout drink.

It is not the first time someone’s asked, usually at that point, I can tell if they are serious and the conversation continues or its over after that explanation. Well this one continued as he asked more about the product and how I take it, so I explained that I have basically stopped taking all supplements around my workout except for this so it may seem to be a little expensive when you first see the price but with the elimination of the others and given this is the only product that I could actually notice working, it was well worth the investment.

I basically forgot about him until this weekend when he stopped me and thanked me for recommending it. Said he had been taking it for around a week or so and immediately noticed an increase in recovery, actually that was going to be his 7th day in a row training!

As more and more folks are discovering, if considering Plazma, give it try and you wont be disappointed.

Very cool. Thank you for the report and for recommending Plazma!

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