Consequences of Drinking Less Shakes?

Hey guys I’m on day 8 of the Velocity Diet and I had gotten used to the shakes only diet pretty quick. First week it took 5 shakes for me to make through the day with without getting hungry. But now it’s gotten to the point I’m full for the day around 3 shakes and basically have to force the 4th or 5th shake down. I feel like I’m about to vomit from overeating around the 4th shake.

I’m still following the diet as far as protein/milled flax seeds/ as my only meals with Superfood on the last shake of the day, Surge Recovery as a extra shake on workout days. One HSM a week. But I wanted to know what are the negatives of drinking one less shake a day, 4 shakes instead of 5.

If this helps, I’m 20, 6’8 270lb with 18.6 body fat percentage. My shakes are usually 28oz warm water with 2 full scoops of Metabolic Drive with a tablespoon of milled flax seed, 1 scoop of Superfood on the last shake of the day. I take 2 HOT-ROX extreme pills around 9-10 everyday then another 2 around 5-6. 4 Flameout caps spread out through the day and a multivitamin in the morning.

Also I am doing the V-Diet intermediate workout plan. So far I’ve decreased 5lbs this week, so I’m enthusiastic about the diet still. But I really really hate the feeling of overeating that I get around the last shake.

Couple of things:

You don’t need the multivitamin. Superfood takes care of that.

Blend your shakes with ice, or at least blend as many shakes as you can conveniently (you can get a portable, single serving blender for $14 at places like Walmart). This is much better than drinking them in warm water. I wouldn’t want to drink them all either if i had to use warm water!

There is also some wiggle-room built into the diet where people can add or decrease slightly. If you are too full, you can decrease 1 scoop of Metabolic Drive for the day’s total and cut the flax seed in half. Don’t go lower than that though or you could lose muscle.

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