Confusion Over Protien/Calorie Reccomenadtions!


I have to admit I have a little confusion over Lean Body Mass content and the V.3 protien/calorie calculations. Everything I’ve ever read here suggests basing daily protien amount off of LBM in gram equivalents. I AM bad at math so corect me if I’m wrong, but using myself as an example for that equation, I am @ 210 pounds and roughly 10% BF. So as far as the gram per pound of LBM protien intake ‘standard formula’, I should be consuming no less than about 189 grams per day??

The main reason I ask this is that my GF has undergone the intensive V.3 “Velocity diet/program”. She started at around 182 lbs and likely 30% or so BF by my guess ( this collides with the question about the extra protien/calorie recommedatrions made that are strictly based on age, sex and weight…no LBM ??). Progress is slow at best and she is not losing anywhere near as much (about 1 pound at the halfway mark) as I thought she might following such a program. She feels the same way <.> She had the 37 pound, $500+ Biotest supplements delivered exactly 14 days ago and with only a 1 pound loss she is at the least to say, a tad frustrated…as am I. I have a huge background with T-Nation and all the athours and great people that have contributed over the years but find myself wondering what else can be done in this case for her to make her a LOT more progress than she has in the next short half of the first 28 day “V-Experience”. She follows the diet and supplement regimen to a TEE and is defintitely no stranger to exercise.
Any good help/tips/feedback would be greatly apprectiated.

Thank you for your time Chris.


What are her before and current measurements? It’s not just about scale weight, remember.

Not sure what your question is about LBM. There are many opinions on protein intake and how much a person needs with various goals. Most standard formulas are too low in my opinion. The V-Diet is a higher protein diet, providing the typical dieter more than a gram of protein per pound of total body weight. Your girlfriend’s total calories are very low and conducive to fat loss.

If she feels she’s not progressing as fast as she wanted, she can contact me and we’ll figure out what may be going wrong.


Dear Chris,

      I apoligize for the somewhat confusing LBM/protein question and overall kinda sloppy above post of mine. It was written VERY early in the AM and at the onset of the cold/flu making the rounds here >.<  It's rather obvious to me now looking back at it why the protein amounts/macronutrient ratios are where they are. If there was an 'immediate aesthetic' goal at or near the 28 day mark (cough, which there kinda is)would there be any benefit in possibly reducing the protein slightly and making up for those calories with extra smart fats while doing a little more fasted type morning cadrio ( at or = to 70% of MHR )? 

The only reason I ask this is due to the fact extra protein not needed COULD pssibly be converted to glucose especially in a hypercaloric situation whereas the many positive effects of the omega-3’s/smart fats could help with all the great things they offer ( I’m thinking along the lines of improved insulin sensitivity, the thermogenic/uncoupling proteins etc. among all the other known benefits ) ?

Hopefully this question is a tad more logical even though I sit writing it with the same damn cold dropping my IQ and literacy :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your time, prompt responses and all the damn hard work that’s been put in by you and all at T-Nation!



Sure, she can give that a shot if she feels it’s needed.