Confusion Over Diet


Hi Chris, I have read many of your diet articles and really would appreciate your further expertise. I am 21 and looking to gain weight and muscle - last August I weighed 135lbs but through a Smolov Squat cycle and increased eating I weigh 157lbs. I am very confused at the moment because I had to eat nearly 3000 calories to get here and now my weight has stagnated.

I am willing to eat more but I am confused on what I should be eating because Im somehow 155lbs and a horrid 16% body fat (skinny fat). What sort of foods should I be eating, as I know that you have written about bread etc. being poor choices for carbohydrates and that simply loading calories is not always the best way to go.

Any help would be greatly appreciated if you have time. I am currently using a 5-3-1 workout scheme 4 days a week.


Check out this LiveSpill:

Also, give it time. You’re just not going to gain lean muscle that quickly. You just have to be consistent. Adequate calories, hard lifting, time to allow it all to work.