Confused by Overlap

Trying to figure out overlap. Mag-10 contains protein and seems to contain bcaa. If I took whey protein and Your bcaa would that not be the same?

61 year old practicing 3 times per week Darden type HIT Currently at about 12% bf and looking to get to 9.9 at least temporarily. Would like to get to maintenance bf to optimize muscle gain by avoiding caloric deficit. What products for pre and post workout and off days are recommended while avoiding overlap. Also, remote possibility of competing in future.

Would any of your products cause me to fail a drug test? Please and Thanks! :slight_smile: Your time and help are greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Nope. Definitely not the same because Mag-10 contains hydrolyzed casein protein, which is much more efficient and effective than whey. This talks more about the specific differences:

I’m not really sure what you mean by overlap, but Plazma is hands-down the best workout nutrition you could choose. It has fast-acting protein, carbs, and added ingredients for recovery and performance.

Indigo-3G is another great choice when trying to get lean because it helps the body better process carb intake, so you’re less likely to store fat from them. It also helps to improve insulin sensitivity to put your body into more of a muscle-building more with improved work capacity.

Nope. Athletes competing in all sorts of sports have used the products with no problems. Just double-check the specific organization’s “banned substance list” because some places have silly rules on basic stuff like caffeine or yohimbine, then double-check the supplements you’re using (neither of those are in Mag-10 or Plazma, by the way). But, by and large, there’s nothing at all to worry about.

Forgive me for not wording question properly…. Perhaps I should have said “wouldn’t Metabolic Drive and your BCAA be the same as Mag-10? By overlap, if I already have Mag-10, does Metabolic Drive become redundant?

Also note, I already have some Mag-10, your BCAA and some Alpha Male, so would you still be adding Plazma and Indigo-3G or is there overlap among these.

Please and Thanks! :slight_smile:

Your time and help are greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Gotcha. Those wouldn’t be redundant because, while they’re both a protein drink, they’re different types of protein that the body absorbs and utilizes differently. Metabolic Drive is more slowly absorbed, so you can feel fuller longer (making it a more ideal meal replacement, for example). You can also use Metabolic Drive in recipes like pancakes/waffles, high-protein cookies ( and things like that for more variety.

Mag-10 is much more quickly absorbed and more bioavailable, so it’s “easier” for the body to put it to use repairing and rebuilding muscle, making it better suited right after a workout or even during some workouts (like cardio sessions in particular).

No real overlap there, since Plazma is solely meant to be used immediately before and/or during weight training. The Mag-10 and BCAAs can be put to good use outside of the training window. If anything, though, I’d say the BCAAs would be the relatively lowest priority if you were already using Mag-10 and Plazma because you’d already be getting a bunch of high-quality protein/aminos.

Alpha Male and Indigo-3G are both totally separate and unrelated to anything else, so there’s no issue there.

Thanks. Helpful.

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