Confused About Supplements

Jason asks:

I am fairly new to the supplement world. I’ve lifted weights in the past and just started lifting again in the past two months. I’m really confused by all the supplements out there. I’m not sure what to take and when. Can you offer some insight on what supps I need and when to take them? I’m 42 5ft 9in and weigh 200 lbs. Depending on how much supps I need cost could become a factor as well.

Specific whats, whens, and whys will depend on other factors (most specifically being your goal), but workout nutrition is always the place to start for anyone who lifts.

This article explains why having the right protein and carbs in drink-form can improve performance and recovery. Plazma is top of the field, but Surge Workout Fuel is the next best bet (similar ingredients, more budget-friendly).

Once that’s in place, you might want to bump up your daily protein with a shake sometime during the day. This article explains the difference between whey, casein, and hydrolyzed casein, and gets into what’s best to use at certain times of day.

But if you’re getting confused, just simplify. Figure out your specific goal, figure out your training and nutrition plan, and then figure out the bang-for-buck supplements to get you there. Some people use several different supplements, each for strategic purpose, and they can be super-effective. But if you’re already getting confused, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the basics.

Especially if you’re still new to training, there’s no reason to throw a half-dozen supplements into the mix. Get up and running with your current approach, plus workout nutrition. Squeeze some results out of that, and then start plugging in things that can nudge progress along. Like a natural Test booster, or creatine, or something to help clean up nutrition and drop fat.


Let’s start first with your current goal. Lose fat? Gain muscle? Be healthier? That will come into play with certain recommendations. For any goal that involves weight training, the best place to start is with workout nutrition. This article does a fantastic job detailing the important of proper nutrition before, during, and after your workout (also refered to as peri-nutrition).

Plazma is the absolute best. It provides a strategic blend of specialized carbs and proteins to increase your training capacity and maximize the training stimulus from it.

Surge Recovery is also an excellent option.

Outside of that, you can check out things like Mag-10 and Metabolic Drive, which are different types of protein supplements. Mag-10 works very well post-workout and as a protein pulse between meals. Metabolic Drive can be used at anytime as a snack, meal, whatever to help you reach your daily protein intake.

Once you get back with your specific goals, things can be dialed in better.

Hope that helps!


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