Confessions of a Fat F&$K

I get an email late Friday night with the words Figure Athlete in the title. I eagerly opened it up, expecting to see a picture of a full bosomed hottie. Instead I found myself sacrificing my very important beauty rest to read about Velocity 3.0!

I got incredibly angry at myself as I read the article? I mean honestly how the fuck did I let myself get like this? So here I am 48 hours later and $586.90 worth of the new supplements - NICE.

To make it worse, I took the before pictures today and was so disgusted by what I saw that I wanted to delete them right then and there. Who the hell was that scrawny fat person staring back at me? The photograph most certainly stripped away all remaining self delusional narcissistic images about how I think I look!

Truth be told, it has been about 5 years since I have trained seriously so there is no doubt that this is going to be a bitch, which is why I am going to chronicle my progress here. I am going to post daily for the next 28 days.

I doubt that anybody will read it, but I do not really give a damn either way. It is more to keep my ass accountable, especially when my mind starts to play tricks on me. But rest assured that if there is not a daily post from me, I am either dead or have contracted a severe case of vaginitus and am at Round Table scarfing down a large pepperoni!

I cannot imagine that the success rate with this diet is more than 5%, so let us just hope that I’ve got the balls to NOT be in the 95% group! With that in mind, here are my goals and here is how I personally will define success:

For 42 Days:
1.) Develop better long-term eating habits
2.) Follow the diet to the T (pardon the pun)
3.) Complete ALL Workouts, V-Burns & NEPA?s
4.) Journal Daily
5.) Pictures/Measurements Weekly
6.) Do not Quit

Also - I’m not going to tell ANYONE other than the readers here about this program until I am done. NOBODY will understand and will probably try to unintentionally sabotage me, tell me how unhealthy it is, and blather on and on. I would rather save all that wasted energy for workouts or running away from my hamburger cravings. LOL

That’s it. Everything is ready! Tomorrow is Day 1. Wish me luck.!

Just wanted to wish you well. I’m currently on day 22, and it’s going well so far. I’ll check back regularly to see how things are going.

Good goals, good luck, just remember, whenever someone quits something, a baby dies, a puppy is beaten, and an angel loses its wings. Be the 5% that doesn’t put these innocent creatures to de doomed.

Be part of the 5% man.

Doing in on my own in the desert. My wife doesn’t understand why. All my friends keep on trying to talk me out of it.


I’m on day 16 and have lost inches plus nearly a stone in weight.

Keep posting and people will support you.

Good luck, actually not luck just be a stubborn bastard!!

Great attitude always wins over good intentions. Listen to Irish and just be stubborn as hell.

The diet is not difficult at all, your never hungry, its your surroundings which might make things difficult. Look forward to reading about your progress.

Day 1 is complete. I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because I don’t have a computer and am writing this from my phone.

Finished everything on the program, except my last shake and let’s just say salivating over the 2 tbsp of penut butter that i get to eat in about 5 mins. LOL

Thanks for the encouragement from all of you. It helps especially since I read them when I was hungry.

On to day 2


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