Completed V-Diet - Some Random Thoughts


I just completed the V-Diet last week and am now transitioning into the solid meals. I will post before and after pics as soon as I can, but here are some of my stats;

lost 17 lbs total
went from 256 to 239
body fat from 21% to 16%

Based on those stats, I would say that most of my weight lost was body fat. Strength stayed pretty good throughout the workouts but I know I am not as strong as before when I was doing 5/3/1 - that was expected though and I def needed a change in my training to take some of the load off my shoulders and pretty much just needing something different.

Days 3-5 were the toughest. I started the training on a monday and the diet on the wednesday. The 3rd workout damn near killed me - I had virtually nothing in the tank, my sweat smelled different (really “dank” according to a buddy) and the vburn on the saturday took me almost 29 minutes and I started to really doubt some of the times I saw posted.

I couldn’t wait to eat my first solid meal on the sunday (day 5). What surprised me the most was how little I could eat. I was really craving something salty and crunchy. By day 9 of the diet I was dreaming about roasted chicken (not unlike Dan John) and I swore that when I awoke at 3:30am I could smell someone cooking an actual roast beef. I was finding the training not as depleting and actually looked forward to the training as I knew I would be getting carbs afterwards. The shorter rest periods even though they were only 5 seconds shorter def added to the challenges. For my second v-burn I took my time down to 25:30.

The best advice I recieved as I started the diet was to “just make it one week.” A frriend said that if I did that, I’d definitly see some results and if I saw results then I’d keep going. I have to say that was the best thing anyone could have said to me. After one week I was down 3 pounds and I felt that what I was doing was def making a difference. It was reinforcement.

Weeks 3 and 4 went by really fast. My 3rd V-burn time went to 23:15 and for my fourth v-burn I blasted it - 21:20. According to my hr monitor, my heart rate averaged 156 and maxed at 216 while burning about 405 kcal. Just like doing tabata’s, I felt something on my face when I finished - the floor.

Three days later, I finished the diet and weighed in wednesday morning. It felt good to know I had the discipline to complete the 28 days* (even though 28 days isn’t really very long, it’s all relative at the time…) and see some great results.

A few random thoughts…

*- I cheated on day 20. The wife and I had a cooking class to attend that I got her for xmas. I had one gnochi, some veggies, a chicken breast and a scoop/spoon full of dessert. I don’t think this negatively affected my results but we do not know what we do not know. I thought about using that as my hsm for the week but I wasn’t sure how clean the meal would be. Im glad Ididn’t.

  • I know some people have asked if it’s ok to skip the hsm but I think i know why it’s so important; as the week wore on my weight loss would slow to what I think my metabolism was adjusting to. By having the hsm and all those extra calories, it allowed my metabolism to pick up speed again.

  • the message boards for the V-Diet are awesome. I have to applaud Chris Shugart and all the contributors and fans at T-Nation to the amazingly quick responce time they have in regards to any and all questions no matter how stupid they might be ( see my post ). They can be a life saver. Use the forums, search the forums, respect the forums.

  • buy the different flavours of protein. I bought predominantly choc and vanilla and only one banana and strawberry. I ran out of chocolate and I ended up hating vanilla so I started mixing the banana and strawberry with the vanilla to make it more appetizing…don’t be afraid to go with mixtures. It will make your life on the V-Diet easier.

That’s it for now but I’m sure I’m forgetting some other things. When and if I remember them, I’ll post.
Thanks T-Nation.


Nice work!

Thanks for the summary and feedback!

Take any tape measurements?


lost the measurements but I know my waist went down 4 inches based on pant size. Trying to post before and after pics…


another before…


the front after…yes, I know I’m posing…


Thanks for posting Hugh! I’m starting my V-Diet next week and it is good to know what to expect. I appreciate your thoughts.