Completed the V-Diet, Thoughts and Feelings

I can’t believe how fast that 6 weeks went by. IMHO, the V-Diet was a great experience as far as dieting goes. Of course it did take some will power, except for the time when I was on vacation in Deep Creek I was never to the point where I couldn’t take it and just had to have some junk food.

I was rarely to point where I felt like I was starving because usually when I got that feeling it was time for a shake. My workouts did not suffer and rarely did I have the normal dieters drag where I would be very lethargic and tired, most days my energy levels were normal.

As far as the taste changes I really can’t say yet. I’m finished with the diet and I’m not craving any junk food. I’m not going to go out and reward myself for completing the diet and during the past couple of weeks I did not even think of cheating.

Now I don’t know if it was because I wanted to get maximum results and now that it’s over I still have work to do to get to the single digit BF and because of this junk food is not tempting to me or if it is the taste changes that the diet may produce. It may be a combination of both but I guess I won’t really know until I see my six pack and I really think I’m about two weeks away from achieving that.

As far as the training goes, I feel that overall the Advanced workout was great. I explained why I did Deadlifts instead of Overhead Squats in my log so I won’t go into detail here. The only thing I had difficulty with was choosing the correct weight. For example, on the Weds workout the first exercise is Forward lunge/DB press.

The problem I had was choosing a weight that was heavy enough for the lunge exercise and the DB press exercise. I chose 40 lbs which is not heavy when doing either of these exercises by themselves but when you combine them 40 lbs has a whole new meaning. Especially when you get to the weeks when you’re doing six and seven reps per leg. That means you’re doing a total of 12 and 14 reps for the DB press and resting 30 secs before the next exercise is killer so I think I would have benefited more if I used less weight.

I also ran into the same issue during the transition training where you do Forward Lunge/Hammer curl. You do seven reps per leg which means 14 reps for the Hammer curl. Doing 14 reps is not too difficult but resting 45 seconds and doing another 14 reps for the Hammer curl is almost impossible so I had to drop the weight from 35 lbs to 30 lbs which was still very difficult. So make sure you take into consideration the fact that you’re in a fatigued state and you’re resting only 30 - 45 seconds between the exercises.

The cost of the diet at first may seem high. I spent about $650 in all getting all of the core supplements but I saved about $550 on groceries during the 6 weeks. So the savings is pretty close to the cost of the supplements.

So my experience with the V-Diet left me with the feeling that this is a diet I will definately do again. In my log I said I was going to compare this diet to the Get Shredded diet but I guess that really wasn’t fair because to be really subjective I would have had to start the Get Shredded Diet with the thought of comparing it to the V-Diet but I did not.

I also was leaner when I did the Get Shredded diet but I did not know my exact BF then I did not know it when I started the V-Diet. So my opinion with both of these diets it that they both produce results if followed strictly and how lean you are to begin with will determine the type of results you end up with.

Here goes my final pics and stats:

Torso: 34
Pectoral: 46
Quads: 26
Calves: 15
Arms: R:17.25 L:16.75
Weight: 208

I lost a total of 24 lbs in 6 weeks and 5 inches off my waist and torso.

I still need about 2 or 3 more weeks to get into the single digit BF. I can’t wait. Once I’m there my next goal will be to add size to my frame while staying in the single digit BF.

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Congratulations - nice work!

How is your strength compared to when you started?

[quote]wecndo wrote:
How is your strength compared to when you started?[/quote]

It’s really hard to say since I went into the diet knowing that I would not be at my strongest. When you do the V-Diet workouts and see that you rest between 30 and 45 secs you realize that you’re not going to be using normal weight. And since I followed the progression outlined with the V-Diet workouts I didn’t go up in weight I just add another rep or reduced the time and because of that I couldn’t really tell if I was getting stronger or if my work capacity was increasing. Also since I will be dieting until I get into the single digit BF I guess I won’t know until I done with the fat loss diet and change to a mass diet.

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