Competition Updates


Sorry it has taken me a while to post. Busy, busy, busy. I am exactly a month and 2 days out from my show. I have been on the V-Diet for 22 days as of this date. I don’t use all measurements only the main ones I am concerned about.

Here are my stats:
Then: Now:
Wght 157lbs 150lbs -7 lbs
Lower Chest 32 31.5 -.5
Waist 32.5 31.5 -1
Hips largest 41.5 39.75 -1.25
Right thigh 26 24 -2
Left thigh 25.75 24 -1.75

My goal is to be at 143 going into the show and between 12-15% BF. Still time left to drop 8-10 lbs. Have to get BF tested still to see where I am at now. I am doing all of this training on my own without a personal trainer. So this makes the results more exciting for me.
First 5 photos are from day one. The second set of 5 photos are from today. Much leaner for sure. Hopefully I can get these loaded correctly. Still work to do.


Second photo is from today. Can’t seem to get all photos loaded yet.


Okay think I got the hang of loading.


All of the second poses of each pose is form today. FYI


next photo


next photo


next photo


next photo


next photo


last photo