Comment on plan with Indigo plan

Hi CS,

This is Andrew from Singapore

I had start my full dose indigo today.

My diet plan as follow

730am: 6 indigo
8am: rice paste( 2 tea spoon of soy sauce + 3 dash of sesame oil) & 5 eggs
12pm: 1 bowl of rice, green veg fried with olive oil & garlic, 100grm of pork or 5 chicken liver or bulgogi beef

3pm: 3 scoop of MD growth

4pm: 6 indigo, 1 optional finibar
430pm: 1 serve of plasma
5-515pm: indigo workout, time depending on how crowded the gym is
6pm: end of workout
7pm: 2 scoop of Mag10
830pm: dinner, 1 bowl of rice or cream of buckwheat, fried veg, 200 gram of protein( seafood or beef or pork or chicken)
12pm, 3 scoop of MD growth or 2 scoop of Mag10

Pls assist to comment on this


Andrew Heng

Look like a pretty good plan to start with, Andrew. Switch the olive oil for coconut oil for cooking the veg though. Olive oil is best raw, coconut oil for cooking.

As for overall calories and carb intake, most people can and do consume more, but it’s all about finding your personal sweet spot with intake: the intake point where you’re making the muscular gains you want with little or no fat gain, or you’re losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time, depending on your goals.

This sweet spot of intake differs with everyone, but it’s always higher than before they upgraded their physiology with <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G. (You can’t go by what worked for you before, because your body is working differently on Indigo-3G.) So try your plan for two weeks, then tweak it as necessary for your goals. You may want to get a rough carb count so you’ll know where to go from there after a couple of weeks.

Sure, thank chris.

Hi Chris,

Can full dose indigo use with current coach CT’s layer training?

Which has better result to train with the layer training or the indigo template workout?


Both are great, as well as several other programs here at T-Nation. And as Christian would say, it’s about the effort you put into the program, not just the plan itself.

Hi Chris,

I still stick to the Indigo Training Strength Program. currently I am on Phase 1 week 3.

My growth for overall is good, visually my shoulder, trap, chest, legs & arms grew more but my abdominal still lag.

I tried to do dumbbell swing & crunch after the workout, I feel sore the next day, so it will affect my workout next day.

My Wife comment that I still look the same at my ab size.

Very discourage comment for the trust I put into Indigo

So can I use The Farmer’s Walk Cure help on conditioning & shed fat?

[quote]flexzking wrote:

So can I use The Farmer’s Walk Cure help on conditioning & shed fat?


Be careful about mixing and matching multiple training plans. If you’re using a Thibaudeau plan, be sure to ask him in his <a href=""target=“new”>forum.

For some other conditioning ideas that are perhaps less demanding on the CNS, see my “Conditioning Not Cardio” guidelines at the end of this <a href=""target=“new”>blog.

Also, remember that the best way to lose fat is to build muscle. If you’re building muscle and the abs are staying the same, that’s fine. The new muscle will take care of any excess fat eventually. Don’t hamper your muscle gains out of an obsession with abs.

Good advice, I will keep it in mind

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