Coming to the Transition. What Should I Do?


im about to end week 3 of my V-Diet and im about to enter the transition phase. right before i started the V-Diet i was on HOT-ROX for about 8 weeks and then i started another bottle that came with the V-Diet package. this bottle will end the day before i enter the transition phase. so far i have lost 12 pounds, ten of which were the first week.

i have done one pulse fast so far but i ran out and i have some more MAG-10 on the way. also the super food tub was supposed to last me 14 days but only lasted me like 12. i will run out of superfood a few days before the transition phase.

in the transition i plan on loading up on veggies for the daily HSM and i will start doing some more pulse fasts once my MAG-10 comes in. should i get more HOT-ROX and super food?

also for the 5th and 6th week transition phase should i follow your guide for HSMs exactly like i did for the first 4 weeks? i mean exactly like you have on your guide with a little bit of carb and fruit for desert and all that? it seems like it would put me over on calories maybe?

  1. It’s probably time to cycle off the HOT-ROX, but if you tolerate fat burners well you can continue for a couple more weeks.

  2. SuperFood is just healthy, concentrated fruits, veggies, and the good stuff from green tea. Many people use it daily all year around. So that’s up to you. You don’t have to use it since you’ll be eating solid foods again daily, but more healthy nutrients doesn’t hurt.

  3. The HSMs are just healthy foods. You can adjust amounts up or down. I wold however remove all wheat – no bread or pasta. Good rule for anyone wanting to get lean and stay lean. (I think the diet plan may mention pasta, but use only rice pasta.) And remember, you don’t want to just keep lowering calories. That’s not how to keep losing fat unless your cals were too high to begin with (and they weren’t on the V-Diet.) Your calories should increase during transition and after the V-Diet, back to maintenance or just below. Increase activity and train hard, burn the fuel you’re consuming, etc.